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Richard Comeau

Richard Comeau is a film editor. more »

Richard Daniel Altick

Richard Daniel Altick was an American literary scholar, known for his pioneering contributions... more »

Richard Dauenhauer

Richard Dauenhauer was an American poet, linguist, and translator who married into, and... more »

Richard Daws

Richard Daws is a film editor. more »

Richard Dixon

Richard Newland Dixon FRS is a British chemist noted for his work in the field of thermal or... more »

Richard Evans

Richard Evans was a science fiction editor. more »

Richard Fiocca

Richard Fiocca is a film score composer. more »

Richard Frankel

Richard Frankel is a theater and film producer. more »

Richard G. Rosner

Richard G. "Rick" Rosner is an American television writer and media figure known for his high... more »

Richard Gaither Walser

Richard Gaither Walser is a 1957 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Richard Goodman

Richard Goodman is a television producer. more »

Richard Gregoire

Richard Gregoire is a film score composer. more »

Richard Gross

Richard Gross is a theatrical producer. more »

Richard H. Frenkiel

Richard H. Frenkiel is an American engineer, known for development of cellular telephone networks. more »

Richard H. Lathwell

Richard Henry Lathwell was the 1973 recipient of the Grace Murray Hopper Award from the... more »

Richard H. Weisberg

Richard H. Weisberg is a professor of constitutional law at the Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva... more »

Richard Handford

Richard Handford is a British television producer. In 1997 he was appointed executive producer... more »

Richard Harris

Richard Harris is a film editor. more »

Richard Henry

Richard Henry is a production designer. more »

Richard Hobbs

Richard Hobbs is a film art director. more »

Richard Holloway

Richard Holloway is a television producer. more »

Richard J. Gambino

Richard J. Gambino is a distinguished American material scientist best known for his pioneering... more »

Richard Jordan

Richard Jordan is a theatrical producer. more »

Richard Kaner

Richard B. Kaner is a synthetic inorganic chemist, whose work spans across many areas of... more »

Richard Loomis

Richard Loomis is a senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Disney Channels Worldwide. more »

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