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Yoshio Masui

Yoshio Masui is a Japanese / Canadian cell biologist. Masui studied biology at Kyoto University,... more »

Yoshitake Hikita

Yoshitake Hikita is an award winner of the Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Achievement in... more »

Yoshito Kishi

Yoshito Kishi is the Morris Loeb Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University. He is known for... more »

Yoshiyuki Koike

Yoshiyuki Koike is a film editor. more »

You-shan Tang

You-shan Tang is a painter and illustrator. more »

Yu Mun Jeong

Yu Mun Jeong is an animator. more »

Yueh Feng

Griffin Yueh Feng born Da Zichun in Shanghai was a Chinese film director and screenwriter who... more »

Yuichiro Yano

Yuichiro Yano is a television director. more »

Yuji Horii

Yuji Hori is an Animation Producer. more »

Yuk Wai Lee

Yuk Wai Lee is a film editor. more »

Yukiko Yamashita

Yukiko Yamashita is an American developmental biologist. She is a faculty member of the... more »

Yuri Queiroga

Yuri Queiroga is a record producer. more »

Yuri Valentinovich Nesterenko

Yuri Valentinovich Nesterenko is a Soviet and Russian mathematician who has written papers in... more »

Yusei Uesugi

Yusei Uesugi works in film and television in the visual effects department. more »

Yutaka Yokoyama

Yutaka Yokoyama is a film art director. more »

Yuz Aleshkovsky

Iosif Efimovich Aleshkovsky, known as Yuz Aleshkovsky, is a modern Russian writer, poet,... more »

Yves Fortin

Yves Fortin is a film producer. more »

Yvonne Brill

Yvonne Madalaine Brill was a Canadian scientist best known for her development of rocket and jet... more »

Yvonne Duckett

Yvonne Duckett is a costume supervisor. more »

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