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Jocelyn Vollmar

Jocelyn Vollmar is an American ballerina, known for her career with the San Francisco Ballet. more »

Jock Soto

Jock Soto is a former American ballet dancer and current ballet instructor. more »

Jodi Wintz Rose

Jodi Wintz Rose is a ballerina and the widow of Murray Rose. more »

Johanna Bodor

Johanna Bodor is an actress, a ballet dancer and choreographer. more »

John Gilpin

John Brian Gilpin was a leading English ballet dancer and actor. more »

John Kriza

John Kriza was a ballet dancer who was one of American Ballet Theatre's best-known male... more »

Jonathan Porretta

Jonathan Porretta is an actor and ballet dancer. more »

Jordan Pacitti

Jordan Pacitti is a ballet dancer. more »

José Manuel Carreño

José Manuel Carreño is a retired Cuban ballet dancer, who performed as a principal dancer with... more »

Josefina Gabrielle

Josefina Gabrielle is a three-time Olivier Award nominated British stage and television actress,... more »

Josele Roman

Josele Roman is an actress. more »

Joseph Cipolla

Joseph Cipolla is a ballet dancer. more »

Joyce Cuoco

Joyce Cuoco is an actress and a ballet dancer. more »

Jozef Varga

Jozef Varga is a ballet dancer. more »

Judi Bowker

Judi Bowker is an English television and cinema actress. more »

Judith Karstens

Judith Karstens is the mother of Sofia Karstens. more »

Juichi Kobayashi

Juichi Kobayashi is a ballet dancer. more »

Julia Moon

Julia H. Moon also known as Hoon Sook Moon is the General Director of Universal Ballet in South... more »

Julie Alix de la Fay

Léonne-Julie Alix de la Fay, also known as Julianne Bournonville and Madame Alix, was a Belgian... more »

Julie Brett

Julie Brett is the mother of Simon Cowell. more »

Julie Kent

Julie Kent is an American ballet dancer; she currently performs as a principal dancer with the... more »

Juliet Landau

Juliet Landau is an actress. more »

Juliette Marquis

Juliette Marquis is a Ukrainian born actress, model, and former ballerina. more »

Julio Bocca

Julio Bocca is one of the most important ballet dancers of the later part of the 20th century... more »

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