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Carl Akeley

Carl Ethan Akeley was a taxidermist, sculptor, biologist, conservationist, inventor, and nature... more »

Carl Bovallius

Carl Erik Alexander Bovallius was a Swedish biologist and archaeologist. Bowallius became a... more »

Carl Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus, also known after his ennoblement as Carl von Linné, was a Swedish botanist,... more »

Carlos A. Peres

Carlos Augusto Peres is a Brazilian field biologist and conservation biologist who works in the... more »

Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin, FRS was an English naturalist. He established that all species of life... more »

Charlotte Caspar

Charlotte Caspar is a biologist. more »

Chen Zhu

Chen Zhu, is a hematologist and molecular biologist. He is now chairman of the Chinese Peasants'... more »

Cheryl Hayashi

Cheryl Hayashi is a biologist at University of California, Riverside who specializes in the... more »

Chris Ponting

Christopher Paul Ponting is a British computational biologist, specializing in the evolution and... more »

Christine Lee

Christine Lee is an English medical researcher. She is Emeritus Professor of Haemophilia in the... more »

Clara McMillen

Clara Bracken McMillen contributed to the Kinsey Reports on human sexuality. She was married to... more »

Clifford Grobstein

Clifford Grobstein was an American biologist, a cancer researcher, a member of the National... more »

Craig B. Thompson

Craig B. Thompson is an American cell biologist and current president of the Memorial... more »

Craig Mello

Craig Cameron Mello is an American biologist and professor of molecular medicine at the... more »

Craig Venter

John Craig Venter is an American biologist and entrepreneur. He is known for being one of the... more »

Cristián Samper

Cristián T. Samper Kutschbach is a Colombian-American biologist and president and chief... more »

Cynthia Kenyon

Cynthia Jane Kenyon is an American molecular biologist and biogerontologist known for her... more »

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