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Henry Nicholas Ridley

Henry Nicholas Ridley CMG, MA, FRS, FLS, F.R.H.S. was an English botanist and geologist. Born at... more »

Henry Ogg Forbes

Henry Ogg Forbes was a Scottish explorer, ornithologist, and botanist. Forbes was the son of... more »

Henry Shaw

Henry Shaw was a philanthropist and is best known as the founder of the Missouri Botanical Garden. more »

Henry Steedman

Henry Steedman was a Scottish-born Australian botanist. Born in Scotland in 1866, he emigrated... more »

Henry Wickham

Sir Henry Alexander Wickham was a British explorer. He later claimed in publicity that he was... more »

Henry William Ravenel

Henry William Ravenel was an American planter and botanist. He studied fungi and cryptogams in... more »

Herbert John Webber

Herbert John Webber was an American plant physiologist, professor emeritus of sub-tropical... more »

Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw

Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw was a notable English botanist and classicist. Airy Shaw was born at... more »

Herman Boerhaave

Herman Boerhaave was a Dutch botanist, Christian humanist and physician of European fame. He is... more »

Herman Johannes Lam

Herman Johannes Lam, Netherlands - died 15 February 1977 in Leiden, South Holland Province was a... more »

Herman Rupp

Herman Montague Rucker Rupp was an Australian clergyman and botanist who specialised in orchids... more »

Herman Spöring, Jr.

Herman Diedrich Spöring Jr. was a Finnish explorer, draughtsman, botanist and a naturalist. more »

Herman Spöring, Sr.

Herman Diedrich Spöring Sr. was a professor of Medicine at the Academy of Turku in Turku,... more »

Hermann Harms

Hermann August Theodor Harms was a German taxonomist and botanist. Harms worked as a botanist at... more »

Hermann Müller

Heinrich Ludwig Hermann Müller was a German botanist who provided important evidence for... more »

Hermann Müller

Hermann Müller, born October 21, 1850 in Tägerwilen in the canton of Thurgau, died January 18,... more »

Hermann Otto Sleumer

Hermann Otto Sleumer was a Dutch botanist of German birth. The plant genera Sleumerodendron... more »

Hermann Wendland

Hermann Wendland was a German botanist and gardener. He was a noted authority on the family... more »

Hewett Watson

Hewett Cottrell Watson was a phrenologist, botanist and evolutionary theorist. He was born in... more »

Hieronymus Bock

Hieronymus Bock was a German botanist, physician, and Lutheran minister who began the transition... more »

Hipólito Ruiz López

Hipólito Ruiz López, or Hipólito Ruiz, was a Spanish botanist known for researching the floras... more »

Hippolyte François Jaubert

Count Hippolyte François Jaubert was a French politician and botanist. Jaubert was born in... more »

Horace-Bénédict de Saussure

Horace-Bénédict de Saussure was a Genevan aristocrat, physicist and Alpine traveller, often... more »

Horatio C Wood, Jr.

Horatio C Wood, Jr. was an American physician and biologist. more »

Hossein Gol-e-Golab

Hossein Gol-e-Golab was a polymath Iranian scholar and musician who wrote the nationalist anthem... more »

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