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Kaarlo Linkola

Kaarlo Linkola was a Finnish botanist and phytogeographer. Linkola was docent of botany at... more »

Kai Larsen

Kai Larsen was a Danish botanist. Kai Larsen was professor of botany at Århus University,... more »

Kaibara Ekken

Kaibara Ekken or Ekiken, also known as Atsunobu was a Japanese Neo-Confucianist philosopher and... more »

Kamla Kant Pandey

Kamla Kant Pandey is a notable plant geneticists in the world. He is the head of the Genetics... more »

Kåre Bremer

Kåre Bremer is a Swedish botanist and academic. He has also been Vice-Chancellor of the... more »

Karel Domin

Karel Domin was a Czech botanist and politician. After gymnasium school coll studies in Příbram,... more »

Karel Kavina

Karel Kavina was a Czech botanist. Kavina was professor of botanics at the Technical University... more »

Karl Anton Eugen Prantl

Karl Anton Eugen Prantl, also known as Carl Anton Eugen Prantl, was a German botanist. Prantl... more »

Karl Friedrich Reiche

Karl Friedrich Reiche was a German botanist who worked as a university professor in Chile and... more »

Karl Fritsch

Karl Fritsch was an Austrian botanist. He was born in Vienna and educated mainly at the... more »

Karl Koch

Karl Heinrich Emil Koch was a German botanist. He is best known for his botanical explorations... more »

Karl Ludwig Philipp Zeyher

Karl Ludwig Philipp Zeyher, was a botanical and insect collector who collected extensively in... more »

Karl Maximovich

Carl Johann Maximovich was a Russian botanist. Maximovich spent most of his life studying the... more »

Karl Moritz Schumann

Karl Moritz Schumann was a German botanist. Dr. Schumann was the curator of the Botanisches... more »

Karl Nikolas Fraas

Karl Nikolas Fraas, German botanist and agriculturist, was born at Rattelsdorf, near Bamberg... more »

Karl Ritter von Goebel

Karl Immanuel Eberhard Ritter von Goebel was a German botanist. His main fields of study were... more »

Karl Robatsch

Karl Robatsch was a leading Austrian chess player and a noted botanist. He moved to Graz at the... more »

Karl Sax

Karl Sax was an American botanist and geneticist, in particular he was noted for his research in... more »

Karl Theodor Hartweg

Karl Theodor Hartweg was a German botanist. He collected numerous new species of plants in... more »

Karl Wilhelm Gottlieb Leopold Fuckel

Karl Wilhelm Gottlieb Leopold Fuckel was a German botanist who worked largely on fungi. From... more »

Károly Bund

Károly Bund was a professional forestry engineer and an early environmentalist, serving as... more »

Kaspar Maria von Sternberg

Kaspar Maria von Sternberg, 1761, Prague – 1838, Březina Castle, was a Bohemian theologian,... more »

Kate Sessions

Katherine Olivia "Kate" Sessions was an American botanist, horticulturalist, and landscape... more »

Käthe Hoffmann

Käthe Hoffmann was a German botanist who discovered and catalogued many plant species in New... more »

Katherine Esau

Katherine Esau was a German-American botanist who received the National Medal of Science for her... more »

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