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Jack Thompson

Cecil Lewis "Jack" Thompson was an American boxer who twice held the welterweight championship... more »

Jack Zivic

John A. "Jack" Zivic was an American boxer who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics. He was born... more »

Jackie Nava

Jacqueline Nava Mouett is a Mexican boxer in the Super Featherweight division and is managed by... more »

Jackson Chanet

Jackson Chanet is a French boxer best known for winning the 2000 European Amateur Boxing... more »

Jackson Chauke

Jackson Van Tonder Chauke is a South African boxer who won silver at flyweight at the... more »

Jae-Doo Yuh

Jae-Doo Yuh is a former boxer from South Korea. more »

Jaime Garza

Jaime Garza was a Mexican American boxer in the Featherweight division. He's the former WBC... more »

Jamal James

Jamal James is a professional welterweight boxer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. more »

James Figg

James Figg was an English bare-knuckle boxer. He is widely recognized the first English... more »

James Vrij

James Vrij is a retired welterweight boxer from the Netherlands, who represented his native... more »

Jan Dydak

Jan Dydak is a former Polish amateur boxer, who won the Welterweight Bronze medal at the 1988... more »

Ján Franek

Jan Franek is a retired boxer, who represented Czechoslovakia at the 1980 Summer Olympics in... more »

Jan Hesterman

Jan Hesterman was a Dutch boxer who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics. In 1920 he was... more »

Jan Szczepański

Jan Antoni Szczepański is a retired boxer from Poland, who won the gold medal in the lightweight... more »

János Kajdi

János Kajdi was a boxer from Hungary who won the silver medal in the welterweight division at... more »

János Váradi

János Váradi was a Hungarian boxer, who won the bronze medal in the flyweight division at the... more »

Janusz Zarenkiewicz

Janusz Zarenkiewicz was a bronze medalist in heavyweight boxing at 1988 Summer Olympics in... more »

Jasur Matchanov

Jasur Matchanov is an Uzbek amateur boxer from Tashkent who medaled repeatedly at 201 lbs in... more »

Javid Taghiyev

Javid Taghiyev is a boxer from Azerbaijan. He participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics for his... more »

Jean Delarge

Jean Delarge was a Belgian welterweight professional boxer who competed in the 1920s. He was... more »

Jean Despeaux

Jean Despeaux was a French boxer who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics. In 1936 he won the... more »

Jean Flammang

Jean Flammang was a Luxembourgian boxer who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics. In 1924 he was... more »

Jean Gachet

Jean Gachet was a French featherweight boxer. He competed in the 1920s. Gachet won a silver... more »

Jee Yong-Ju

Jee Yong-Ju was an amateur boxer from South Korea. He was born in Wonju, Gangwon-do, South... more »

Jeff Chandler

"Joltin'" Jeff Chandler is a former boxer. Chandler reigned as the WBA Bantamweight Champion... more »