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Lajuan Simon

Lajuan Simon is an American professional boxer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that fights as a... more »

Lateef Kayode

Lateef Kayode is an undefeated Nigerian professional boxer in the Cruiserweight division. He's... more »

Lawrence Stevens

Lawrence "Laurie" Stevens was a South African boxer who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics. He... more »

LeChaunce Shepherd

LeChaunce Shepherd is a former American boxer. more »

Lee Seung-Bae

Lee Seung-Bae was a South Korean amateur boxer, who won a middleweight bronze medal at the 1992... more »

Leif Hansen

Leif Håkon "Baggis" Hansen was a Norwegian boxer who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics. He... more »

Leo Randolph

Leo Randolph is a former American boxer, who won the Flyweight Gold medal at the 1976 Summer... more »

Léo Santa Cruz

Léodegario Santa Cruz is an undefeated Mexican professional boxer. Santa Cruz is the former IBF... more »

Leo Turksma

Levy Leopold "Leo" Turksma was a Dutch boxer who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics. He was... more »

Leonard Leisching

Leonard Leisching is a former boxer from South Africa, bronze medalist at the 1952 Summer... more »

Léonard Steyaert

Léonard Steyaert was a Belgian boxer who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics. In 1928 he won... more »

Leopoldo Cantancio

Leopoldo Cantancio is a retired boxer from the Philippines, who competed for his native country... more »

Leszek Błażyński

Leszek Błażyński was a boxer from Poland, who twice won the bronze medal in the men's flyweight... more »

Lev Mukhin

Lev Dmitrievich Mukhin was a Soviet boxer, who won the silver medal in the Heavyweight division... more »

Lew Jenkins

Lew Jenkins was an American boxer and Lightweight Champion of the World. He was born in Milburn,... more »

Liborio Solís

Liborio Solís is a Venezuelan professional boxer and a former WBA World Super Flyweight champion. more »

Lloyd Marshall

Lloyd Marshall was a light heavyweight boxer who was inducted posthumously into the... more »

Lorenzo Aragón

Lorenzo Aragón Armenteros is a Cuban boxer, who was a two-time world champion in the... more »

Luciano Leonel Cuello

Luciano Leonel Cuello is an Argentine boxer in the Light Middleweight division. Luciano is the... more »

Luigi Gaudiano

Luigi Gaudiano is a former amateur boxer from Italy. He is best known for winning the bronze... more »

Luigi Rovati

Luigi Rovati was an Italian boxer who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics. In 1932 he won the... more »

Luis Abregú

Luis Carlos Abregu is an Argentine professional boxer who currently competes in the welterweight... more »

Luís Arias

Luís Arias is a Cuban American professional boxer in the Middleweight division. more »

Luis Correa

Luis Correa Maurelios was a Chilean boxer who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics. In 1924 he... more »

Luis Ernesto José

Luis Ernesto José is a lightweight boxer from the Dominican Republic, who won a bronze medal at... more »