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A. Joseph DeNucci

A. Joseph "Joe" DeNucci is a former middle-weight boxer and former Auditor of the Commonwealth... more »

Aage Fahrenholtz

Aage Fahrenholtz was a Danish boxer who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics. In 1932 he was... more »

Aage Steen

Aage Torstein Wetterland Steen was a Norwegian boxer who competed in the 1920 Summer... more »

Aaron Torres

Aaron Torres is a professional boxer. Before he turned pro, Torres won the 1998 Golden Gloves in... more »

Aaron Wade

Aaron Wade was an American Middleweight boxer who fought from 1935-1950. more »

Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams is an American boxer. His professional record is 21-3-1 14 knockouts. Williams'... more »

Ab van Bemmel

Albertus "Ab" Marinus Christiaan van Bemmel was a Dutch boxer who competed in the 1936 Summer... more »

Abbos Atoev

Abbos Atoyev is an Uzbek amateur boxer best known for winning gold in the light heavyweight... more »

Abdel Moneim El-Guindi

Abdel Moneim El-Guindi was a boxer flyweight competing for Egypt at the Summer Olympics of 1960... more »

Abdelali Darra

Abdelali Darra is an athlete. more »

Abdelaziz Touilbini

Abdelaziz Touilbini is an Algerian boxer. He is best known for having competed in the 2008... more »

Abdelhafid Benchabla

Abdelhafid Benchabla is an Algerian boxer. He represented Algeria at the 2008 Summer Olympics in... more »

Abdelhak Aatakni

Abdelhak Aatakni is a Moroccan boxer. He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men's light... more »

Abdelhak Achik

Abdelhak Achik is a former Moroccan amateur boxer, who won the bronze medal in the men's... more »

Abdelhalim Ouradi

Abdelhalim Ourradi is an Algerian boxer. He won the 2007 All-African title in the bantamweight... more »

Abdelhani Kenzi

Abdel Hani Kenzi is a boxer from Algeria. more »

Abdelillah Nhaila

Abdelillah Nhaila is a Moroccan amateur boxer who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics but lost... more »

Abdelkader Chadi

Abdelkader Chadi is an Algerian boxer who won the All-African title 2007 at featherweight. He... more »

Abderahim Mechenouai

Abderahim Mechenouai is an Algerian boxer best known for winning the All-Africa title 2007 as a... more »

Abderrazak Houya

Abderrazak Houya is a boxer. more »

Abdülkadir Koçak

Abdulkadir Koçak is a Turkish national boxer competing in the light flyweight division. Koçak... more »

Abel Aferalign

Abel Aferalign is an Ethiopian bantamweight boxer. Competing at the 2004 Summer Olympics in... more »

Abel Laudonio

Abel Ricardo Laudonio is a retired boxer from Argentina, who competed in the Lightweight... more »

Abner Cotto

Abner Cotto Román is a Puerto Rican professional boxer who currently competes in the lightweight... more »

Abner Mares

Abner Mares Martínez is a Mexican professional boxer. Mares has won world titles in three weight... more »