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50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper,... more »

Åge Korsvold

Åge Korsvold is a Norwegian businessperson and since 2006 chief executive officer of... more »

Ági Donáth

Agí Donáth was a Hungarian-born American child actress, who appeared in a dozen or so films... more »

Ági Pataki

Ági Pataki is a supermodel, film producer, actress and businessperson. more »

Åke Rusck

Åke Rusck was a Swedish businessman. He was CEO of Sweden's major state hydro power company... more »

Álvaro Colom

Álvaro Colom, is a Guatemalan politician who was the President of Guatemala from 2008 to 2012,... more »

Álvaro de Miranda Neto

Álvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto is an Olympic-class Brazilian show jumping rider. He is married... more »

Álvaro Noboa

Álvaro Fernando Noboa Pontón is an Ecuadorian businessman and politician. Noboa has been... more »

Álvaro Osório

Álvaro Osório is the ex-husband of Júlia Lemmertz. more »

Åse Aulie Michelet

Åse Aulie Michelet is a Norwegian businessperson and pharmacist. Since 1 March 2008 she has been... more »

Ástþór Magnússon

Ástþór Magnússon is an Icelandic businessperson and peace activist. more »

Édouard Leclerc

Édouard Leclerc was a French businessman and entrepreneur who founded the French supermarket... more »

Édouard Maudet

Édouard Maudet was a businessperson. more »

Émile Mayrisch

Jacob Émile Albert Mayrisch was a Luxembourgian industrialist and businessman. He served as... more »

Étienne Davignon

Étienne Francois Jacques Davignon, Viscount Davignon is a Belgian politician, businessman, and... more »

İhsan Sabancı

İhsan Sabancı, a second-generation member of the renowned Sabancı family, was a Turkish... more »

İlhan Cavcav

İlhan Cavcav is the Chairman of Gençlerbirliği Football club in Ankara, Turkey. more »

İnan Kıraç

İnan Kıraç, Türk işadamı ve sanayicidir. Uzun süre Koç Holding'de üst düzey yöneticiliklerde... more »

Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson

Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland on September 26, 1962. He studied physics... more »

Ömer Mehmet Koc

Ömer Mehmet Koc is the son of Rahmi Koc. more »

Óscar Pérez Marcote

Óscar Pérez Marcote is the general director of the Spanish clothing and accessories retailer Zara. more »

Özdemir Sabancı

Özdemir Sabancı was a Turkish businessman and a second generation member of the Sabancı family. more »

Şarık Tara

Şarık Tara is a Turkish billionaire who founded Enka İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş., with Sadi Gülçelik,... more »

Ünal Aysal

Ünal Aysal is a Turkish businessman. He is the chairman of Galatasaray S.K.. more »

Üzeyir Garih

Üzeyir Garih was a prominent Turkish Jewish businessman and a cofounder of Alarko Holding. more »

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