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Herb Peyton

Herbert Hill "Herb" Peyton is an American entrepreneur and founder of Gate Petroleum in... more »

Herbert Allen, Jr.

Herbert A. Allen, Jr. is an American businessman and former president of Allen & Company. more »

Herbert B. Stevens

Herbert B. Stevens was a businessperson. more »

Herbert Bartlett

Sir Herbert Henry Bartlett, 1st Baronet was a civil engineer and contractor responsible for many... more »

Herbert C. Pearson

Herbert C. Pearson was the husband of Mary Treen. more »

Herbert Fisk Johnson III

Herbert Fisk Johnson III or H. Fisk Johnson III, known as "Fisk", is the fifth generation of his... more »

Herbert Fisk Johnson, Jr.

Herbert Fisk Johnson, Jr., grandson of company founder Samuel Curtis Johnson, Sr., was the third... more »

Herbert Fisk Johnson, Sr.

Herbert Fisk Johnson, Sr., son of company founder Samuel Curtis Johnson, Sr., was the second... more »

Herbert Fleishhacker

Herbert Fleishhacker, son of Aaron Fleishhacker and Delia Fleishhacker, was an American... more »

Herbert G. Kloiber

Herbert G. Kloiber is a film and television producer. more »

Herbert Hainer

Herbert Hainer is the current CEO of Adidas-Group, as well as Supervisory Board Chairman of the... more »

Herbert Heftler

Herbert Heftler was a businessperson and the husband of Cleo Moore. more »

Herbert Henry Dow

Herbert Henry Dow was a Canadian born, American chemical industrialist. He was a graduate of... more »

Herbert Herff

Herbert Herff was an American businessman and philanthropist. A civic and business leader in... more »

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Clark Hoover was the 31st President of the United States. Hoover, born to a Quaker... more »

Herbert K. Somborn

Herbert K. Somborn was the husband of Gloria Swanson. more »

Herbert Kaufmann

Herbert Kaufmann ist ein ehemaliger österreichischer Politiker und Vorstand der Flughafen Wien... more »

Herbert Kohler, Jr.

Herbert Vollrath Kohler, Jr. is a member of the Kohler family of Wisconsin and is the president... more »

Herbert L. Becker

Herbert Lawrence Becker is a former magician who also wrote a computer program described by him... more »

Herbert L. Pratt

Herbert Lee Pratt was an American businessman and a leading figure in the United States oil... more »

Herbert Levine

Herbert Levine was an American fashion executive active from the 1940s through the 1970s... more »

Herbert M. Allison

Herbert Monroe Allison, Jr. was an American businessman who oversaw the Troubled Asset Relief... more »

Herbert M. Woolf

Herbert M. Woolf was an American businessman and Thoroughbred racehorse owner. Herbert Morris... more »

Herbert Sandler

Herbert Sandler is the former CO-CEO of Golden West Financial Corporation and World Savings Bank. more »

Herbert Schlosser

Herbert Schlosser is an ex-lawyer and business person. more »

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