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Howard Barnett, Jr.

Howard G. Barnett, Jr. is an American businessman and politician from Oklahoma who is currently... more »

Howard Deering Johnson

Howard Deering Johnson was an entrepreneur, businessman, and the founder of an American chain of... more »

Howard Fox

Howard Fox was a shipping agent and played a large part in the economic and cultural development... more »

Howard Gilman

Howard Gilman was descendant of Isaac Gilman, who had founded the Gilman Paper Company in 1884. more »

Howard Graham Buffett

Howard Graham Buffett is an American businessman, former politician, philanthropist,... more »

Howard Head

Howard Head was an aeronautical engineer who is credited with the invention of laminate skis and... more »

Howard Hendrick

Howard Hendrick is a Republican politician from the U.S. state of Oklahoma. Hendrick was serving... more »

Howard Jonas

Howard S. Jonas is the founder of IDT Corp. Jonas founded IDT Corp. in August 1990 and has... more »

Howard Jones

Howard Jones is the father of Welsh actor Rob Brydon. more »

Howard K. Stern

Howard Kevin Stern is businessman and attorney based in California. He was born in Los ... more »

Howard K. Stern (Howard Kevin Stern)

Howard Kevin Stern is Los Angeles based businessman and attorney. He was born in Los An... more »

Howard Kosick

Howard Kosick is a businessperson. more »

Howard L. Morgan

Howard Lee Morgan is an American venture capitalist, philanthropist, socialite, angel investor,... more »

Howard Meitiner

Howard Meitiner is a businessperson. more »

Howard Paul

Howard R. Paul is President/CEO of Benedetto Guitars, Inc., a company he co-founded with... more »

Howard R. Grant

Howard R. Grant is a physician, lawyer and businessperson. more »

Howard R. Levine

Howard R. Levine is the current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Family... more »

Howard Ruby

Howard Ruby is a television director, screenwriter and businessperson. more »

Howard Sanderford

Howard Sanderford is a member of the Alabama State House of Representatives. Sanderford, a... more »

Howard Schultz

Howard D. Schultz is an American businessman and writer. He is best known as the chairman and... more »

Howard Solomon

Howard Solomon is head of Forest Laboratories and father of novelist and writer Andrew Solomon. more »

Howard Sosin

Howard Sosin was born in Illinois and became a financial whiz. He was for a time an associate... more »

Howard Stringer

Sir Howard Stringer is a Welsh businessman, operating in the USA. He served as Chairman of the... more »

Howard W. Barker Jr.

Howard W. Barker, Jr., CPA served as a partner of KPMG LLP from 1982 until he retired in 2002... more »

Howell Wayans

Howell Wayans is the father of Marlon Wayans. more »

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