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Hannibal Kimball

Hannibal Ingalls Kimball was an American entrepreneur and important businessman in post-war... more »

Hanns Tappeiner

Hanns Tappeiner is the founder of the Anki company. more »

Hannu Lohi

Hannu Lohi is a businessperson. more »

Hans Breukhoven

Arie Johannes "Hans" Breukhoven is the founder and president of the Free Record Shop. He is the... more »

Hans Eleonardus Møller, Sr.

Hans Eleonardus Møller, Sr. was a Norwegian businessperson. more »

Hans Emmerich

Hans Emmerich is the father of Roland Emmerich. more »

Hans Helmerich

Hans Helmerich has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Helmerich Payne Inc., since... more »

Hans Jörg Schelling

Hans Jörg Schelling ist ein österreichischer Unternehmer, Politiker und seit 1. September 2014... more »

Hans Kubaschweski

Hans Kubaschweski was married to Ilse Kubaschewski. He was a businessperson. more »

Hans Linnarson

Hans Linnarson was the CEO of Husqvarna AB. more »

Hans Nijland

Hans Nijland is the CEO of FC Groningen. more »

Hans Rausing

Hans Rausing, KBE is a Swedish businessman based in the United Kingdom. He made his fortune from... more »

Hans Riegel

Johannes Peter "Hans" Riegel was a German entrepreneur who owned and operated the confectioner... more »

Hans Vestberg

Hans Vestberg is a Swedish businessman and the current CEO of telecommunications company... more »

Hans Wolfert

Hans Wolfert is Chairman of the Board and Co-Managing Director at CanalDigitaal. more »

Hans-Georg Härter

Hans-Georg Härter is the chief executive officer of ZF Group. more »

Hans-Holger Albrecht

Hans-Holger Albrecht is German citizen. He has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of... more »

Hans-Joachim Watzke

Hans-Joachim Watzke is the general manager of football club Borussia Dortmund. more »

Hans-Paul Bürkner

Hans-Paul Bürkner is the former President and CEO of The Boston Consulting Group. He is... more »

Hansjörg Wyss

Hansjörg Wyss is a Swiss entrepreneur and businessman. As of 2013, Wyss ranks #123 on the Forbes... more »

Hany Rashwan

Hany Rashwan is one of the founders of Ribbon company. more »

Harald J. Wester

Harald J. Wester is a businessperson and CEO of Alfa Romeo. more »

Harald Ludwig

Harald Ludwig is a businessperson. more »

Harianda Noerlan

Harianda Noerlan is the Director of Corporate Services at First Media. more »

Harlan Holleman

Harlan Harmon "Bo" Holleman was a farmer and seed merchant from Wynne, the seat of Cross County... more »

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