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Tariel Vasadze

Tariel Shakrovych Vasadze is a Ukrainian businessman of Georgian descent, chairman and main... more »

Tariq Ahmad, Baron Ahmad of Wimbledon

Tariq Mahmood Ahmad, Baron Ahmad of Wimbledon is a British Pakistani businessman and a... more »

Tariq Farid

Tariq Farid is an entrepreneur who is the owner and CEO of Edible Arrangements International... more »

Taro Okada

Taro Okada is a television director. more »

Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning is an American actress, fashion designer, and singer-songwriter. She is the... more »

Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury

Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury is a businessperson and an aviator. more »

Tassapon Bijleveld

Tassapon Bijleveld is the CEO of Thai AirAsia. more »

Tatsukichi Suganuma

Tatsukichi Suganuma was a businessman. more »

Tatsumi Yoda

Tatsumi "Tom" Yoda is a Japanese businessperson. more »

Tatsuo Kita

Tatsuo Kita was a film art director , film production designer, and the former chief director of... more »

Tatsuo Umemiya

Tatsuo Umemiya is an actor. more »

Tavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley is an American talk show host, author, liberal political commentator, entrepreneur,... more »

Tawfiq Qabbani

Tawfiq Qabbani was the father of Nizar Qabbani. more »

Tay Za

Tay Za is a Burmese business tycoon, and a close associate of the country's former head of... more »

Ted Arcidi

Theodore "Ted" Arcidi is a former professional wrestler, actor and powerlifter from the United... more »

Ted Arison

Ted Arison was an Israeli businessman who co-founded Norwegian Cruise Lines in 1966 with Knut... more »

Ted Ashley

Ted Ashley was the chairman of the Warner Bros. film studio from 1969 to 1980. He was born in... more »

Ted Bates

Theodore Lewis "Ted" Bates was an American advertising executive who founded a worldwide... more »

Ted Binion

Lonnie Theodore "Ted" Binion was a wealthy U.S. gambling executive and one of the sons of famed... more »

Ted Fox

Ted Fox is a film producer, actor and screenwriter. more »

Ted Glover

Ted Glover is the father of Steve-O. more »

Ted Hartley

Ted Hartley has been a US Navy fighter pilot, an investment banker, an actor, producer, and is... more »

Ted Hsu

Ted Hsu is a co-founder of ASUS. more »

Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson is an actor. more »

Ted Leonsis

Theodore John Leonsis is an American sports team owner, venture capital investor, filmmaker,... more »

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