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Andrew Fyfe

Andrew Fyfe is an Australian cartoonist and satirist. He is perhaps best known for his role as... more »

Andrew Hussie

Andrew Hussie is the creator of MS Paint Adventures, a collection of webcomics, including... more »

Andrew Marlton

Andrew Marlton is a Walkley Award winning Australian cartoonist. Up until early 2014 he was the... more »

Andrice Arp

Andrice Arp is a U.S. comics artist and illustrator, and the daughter of Halton Arp. She has... more »

Andy Diggle

Andy Diggle is a British comic book writer and former editor of 2000 AD. He is best known for... more »

Andy Fanton

Andy Fanton is a British comic strip creator, artist and writer who is best known for his work... more »

Andy Hartnell

Andy Hartnell is an American comic book writer and co-creator of the popular comic book series... more »

Andy Hartzell

Andy Hartzell is a cartoonist that lives in Oakland, California. In 1995, he was awarded a Xeric... more »

Andy Lanning

Andy Lanning is a British comic book writer and inker, known for his work for Marvel Comics and... more »

Andy Riley

Andy Riley is a British author, cartoonist, comics scriptwriter, and television... more »

Angela Giussani

Angela Giussani was a cartoonist. more »


Arnaldo Angeli Filho, more commonly known as Angeli, born August 31, 1956 in São Paulo, Brazil,... more »

Angelo Agostini

Angelo Agostini was an illustrator, journalist and founder of several publications, and although... more »

Angus Allan

Angus Peter Allan was a British comic strip writer and magazine editor who worked on TV Century... more »

Ann Nocenti

Ann "Annie" Nocenti is an American journalist, writer, teacher, editor, and filmmaker. She is... more »

Ann Telnaes

Ann Carolyn Telnaes is an editorial cartoonist. Unlike many editorial cartoonists, Telnaes does... more »

Anne Gibbons

Anne Gibbons is an American cartoonist and greeting card illustrator. Her cartoons have been... more »

Annie Groovie

Annie Groovie, is a Québécois writer and illustrator of children's literature. She is notable... more »

Anonymous Boy

Anonymous Boy is the pen name of Tony Arena, an artist, writer and filmmaker who resides in New... more »

Anthony Flamini

Anthony Flamini is an American freelance comic book writer. He served as Head Writer and... more »

Anthony Haden-Guest

Anthony Haden-Guest is a British-American writer, reporter, cartoonist, art critic, poet, and... more »

Anton Emdin

Anton Emdin is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist from Sydney, Australia. more »

Antonio Prohías

Antonio Prohías, born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, was a cartoonist most famous as the creator of the... more »

Antonio Segura

Antonio Segura was a Spanish comics writer. more »

Antonio Serra

Antonio Serra is an Italian comics writer. more »

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