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E. C. Segar

Elzie Crisler Segar known professionally as E.C Segar was an American cartoonist, best known as... more »

E. P. Unny

E. P. Unny or Ekanath Padmanabhan Unny, is a renowned political cartoonist in India. He is a... more »

E. W. Kemble

Edward W. Kemble was an American illustrator, best known for illustrating Mark Twain's 1880s... more »

Earl Hurd

Earl Hurd is a screenwriter. more »

Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker is an American comic book writer and cartoonist. Brubaker's first early comics work... more »

Ed Dodd

Edward Benton Dodd was a 20th-century American cartoonist known for his Mark Trail comic strip. more »

Ed Hannigan

Ed Hannigan is an American writer, artist, and editor of comic books for both Marvel Comics and... more »

Ed Murawinski

Edward Murawinski is an American cartoonist. He is currently employed by the New York Daily News... more »

Ed Pinsent

Ed Pinsent is a British cartoonist, artist, and writer. more »

Ed Piskor

Ed Piskor is an alternative comics artist operating out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a... more »

Ed Stein

Edward Alan Stein is a liberal American cartoonist and former editorial cartoonist for the... more »

Ed Subitzky

Ed Subitzky, full name Edward Jack Subitzky, is an American writer and artist, who is best known... more »

Ed Tourriol

Edmond Tourriol is a French comic-book author. He was born in Talence, Gironde, France in 1974... more »

Ed Winiarski

Ed Winiarski, who sometimes signed his work "Win" or "Winny" and sometimes used the pseudonym... more »

Eddie Campbell

Eddie Campbell is a Scottish comics artist and cartoonist who now lives in Australia. Probably... more »

Eddie de Jong

Eddie de Jong is a Dutch cartoonist. He is the winner with René Windig of the 1991 Stripschapprijs. more »

Edgar Pierre Jacobs

Edgard Félix Pierre Jacobs, better known under his pen name Edgar P. Jacobs, was a Belgian comic... more »


Édika is the nom de plume of Édouard Karali, a French comics artist, born December 17, 1940 in... more »

Edmond Hamilton

Edmond Moore Hamilton was an American writer of science fiction during the mid-twentieth century. more »

Edmund Duffy

Edmund Duffy, born March 1, 1899, was an American editorial cartoonist. He grew up in Jersey... more »

Edmund S. Valtman

Edmund S. Valtman was an Estonian and American editorial cartoonist and winner of the 1962... more »

Edward Ambrose Dyson

Ambrose Dyson, often known as "Amby" or "Amb Dyson" was an Australian illustrator and political... more »

Edward Barker

John Edward Barker was an English cartoonist, best known for his work in International Times and... more »

Edward Gorey

Edward St. John Gorey was an American writer and artist noted for his illustrated books. His... more »

Edward Linley Sambourne

Edward Linley Sambourne was an English cartoonist and illustrator most famous for being a... more »

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