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Eric Orner

Eric Orner is an openly gay American cartoonist whose works revolve around LGBT issues. He is... more »

Eric Powell

Eric Powell is an American comic book writer/artist,best known as the creator of The Goon. more »

Eric Reynolds

Eric Reynolds is a Seattle-based cartoonist, critic and comics editor who works full-time for... more »

Eric Schreurs

Eric Schreurs is a Dutch cartoonist. He is the winner of the 2002 Stripschapprijs. more »

Eric Shanower

Eric James Shanower is an American comics artist and writer, best known for his Oz novels and... more »

Eric Shansby

Eric Shansby, commonly known as Shansby, is a cartoonist and illustrator for various American... more »

Erik Larsen

Erik J. Larsen is an American comic book writer, artist and publisher. He is known for his work... more »

Erika Lopez

Erika Lopez is an American cartoonist, novelist, and performance artist of Puerto Rican descent... more »

Ernest Cline

Ernest Cline is an American novelist, spoken word artist and screenwriter. more »

Ernie Bushmiller

Ernest Paul Bushmiller, Jr. was an American cartoonist, best known for creating the long-running... more »

Ernie Hart

Ernest Huntley Hart, also known as H.E. Huntley, is an American comic-book writer and artist... more »

Ernst Kahl

Ernst Kahl is an actor. more »

Ethel Hays

Ethel Hays was an American syndicated cartoonist specializing in flapper-themed comic strips in... more »

Étienne Lécroart

Étienne Lécroart is a French cartoonist. He is a founder and key member of Oubapo association,... more »

Eugen Semitjov

Eugen Semitjov was a Swedish journalist, author and artist of Russian descent who was born in... more »

Eugene Gray Payne

Eugene Gray Payne is a Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist. more »

Eugene Zimmerman

Eugene "Zim" Zimmerman was a Swiss-American cartoonist. more »

Evan Dorkin

Evan Dorkin is an American comics artist and writer. His best known works are the comic books... more »

Evan Skolnick

Evan Skolnick is an American writer, editor and producer who has created content in a wide... more »

Everett Peck

Everett Peck is an American illustrator, cartoonist and animator. He is best known as the... more »

Evert Geradts

Evert Geradts is a Dutch cartoonist. He is the winner with Leny Zwalve of the 1977 Stripschapprijs. more »

Ewen Bain

Ewen Bain was a Scottish cartoonist, whose most notable creation was the Angus Og comic strip, a... more »

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