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Gene Colan

Eugene Jules "Gene" Colan was an American comic book artist best known for his work for Marvel... more »

George Baker

George Baker was a cartoonist who became prominent during World War II as the creator of the... more »

George Belcher

George Frederick Arthur Belcher was an English cartoonist, etcher and painter of genre, sporting... more »

George Booth

George Booth V, pen name George Booth is a New Yorker cartoonist. more »

George Butterworth

George Butterworth worked as a British political, strip and sports cartoonist, and later as a... more »

George Caragonne

George Caragonne was an American comic book writer and editor, most notable for being co-founder... more »

George Clark

George Rife Clark was an American cartoonist best known for his syndicated cartoon panels The... more »

George du Maurier

George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier was a French-born British cartoonist and author, known... more »

George Evans

George R. Evans was an American cartoonist and illustrator who worked in both comic books and... more »

George Fisher

George Fisher was an American political cartoonist. more »

George Gale

George Paterson Gale was a Scottish-born political cartoonist, who worked mainly in England. He... more »

George Gant

George Gant is the creator of webcomic On the Grind. more »

George Lichty

George Lichty was an American cartoonist, creator of the daily and Sunday cartoon series Grin... more »

George McManus

George McManus was an American cartoonist best known as the creator of Irish immigrant Jiggs and... more »

George Metzger

George Metzger is an American cartoonist and animator. He was an underground comics artist... more »

George O'Connor

George O'Connor is an American-born author, cartoonist and illustrator living in Brooklyn. more »

George Papp

George Edward Papp was an American comic book artist. Best known as one of the principal artists... more »

George Pérez

George Pérez is an American writer and illustrator of comic books, whose titles include The... more »

George Price

George Price was a United States cartoonist who was born in Fort Lee, New Jersey. After doing... more »

George Trosley

George Trosley is an American cartoonist, most notable for his work published in CARtoons and... more »

George Wildman

George Wildman, is an American cartoonist most noted for his work in the comic books industry... more »

George Wolfe

George Wolfe was an American cartoonist. He received the National Cartoonist Society Gag Cartoon... more »

George Worsley Adamson

George Worsley Adamson was a book illustrator, author and cartoonist who from 1931 held American... more »

Georges Bess

Georges Bess is a comics artist and comic book creator, best known for his collaborations with... more »

Georges Wolinski

Georges Wolinski is a French cartoonist and comics writer. more »

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