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H. C. Witwer

Harry Charles Witwer, more commonly known as H. C. Witwer, was an American short story author... more »

H. M. Bateman

Henry Mayo Bateman was a British humorous artist and cartoonist. H. M. Bateman was noted for his... more »

H. M. Talburt

H. M. Talburt is a Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist. more »

Hal Foster

Harold Rudolf Foster, better known as Hal Foster, was a Canadian-American illustrator best known... more »

Hal Mayforth

Hal Mayforth is an American cartoonist and artist who has worked in the book illustration... more »

Ham Fisher

Hammond Edward Fisher was an American comic strip writer and cartoonist who signed his work Ham... more »

Han Hoogerbrugge

Han Hoogerbrugge is a Dutch digital artist. Hoogerbrugge was born in Rotterdam, where he is... more »

Hanco Kolk

Hanco Kolk is a Dutch cartoonist. He is the winner of the 1996 Stripschapprijs. more »

Hank Chapman

Henry P. "Hank" Chapman is an American comic book writer for Marvel Comics' two predecessors,... more »

Hank Ketcham

Henry King Ketcham, better known as Hank Ketcham, was an American cartoonist who created the... more »

Hans Rickheit

Hans Rickheit is an American cartoonist. more »

Harley Schwadron

Harley Schwadron is an American cartoonist whose work appears in newspapers and magazines, large... more »

Harold Gray

Harold Lincoln Gray was an American cartoonist, best known as the creator of the newspaper comic... more »

Harry Bliss

Harry Bliss is an American cartoonist and illustrator. Bliss grew up in New York State among an... more »

Harry Dansey

Harry Delamere Barter Dansey MBE was a New Zealand Māori journalist, cartoonist, writer,... more »

Harry Devlin

Harry Devlin was an artist and a painter who also worked as a cartoonist for magazines such as... more »

Harry Grant Dart

Harry Grant Dart was an American cartoonist and illustrator known for his futuristic and often... more »

Harry Haenigsen

Harry William Haenigsen was an American illustrator and cartoonist best known for Penny, his... more »

Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison is a British born political cartoonist and illustrator based in Hong Kong. He is... more »

Harry Hershfield

Harry Hershfield was an American cartoonist, humor writer and radio personality. A columnist... more »

Harry Reeves

Harry Reeves was a cartoonist, an animator and a screenwriter. more »

Harry S. Robins

Harry S. Robins, known as "Hal", is a voice artist and screen writer. Robins is best known for... more »

Harvey Kurtzman

Harvey Kurtzman was an American cartoonist and editor of comic books and magazines. His large... more »

Harvey Pekar

Harvey Lawrence Pekar was an American underground comic book writer, music critic and media... more »

Hasan Kaçan

Hasan Kaçan is an actor, screenwriter and cartoonist. more »

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