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Lena Ackebo

Lena Ackebo is a female Swedish comic creator who has been published in daily strip form, in... more »

Leo Baxendale

Leo Baxendale is a British cartoonist, who was the creator of the classic Beano strips Little... more »

Leo Carrillo

Leopoldo Antonio Carrillo, was an American actor, vaudevillian, political cartoonist, and... more »

Leo Cullum

Leo Aloysius Cullum was an American cartoonist, one of the more frequent contributors to The New... more »

Leo Ku Kui Kei

Leo Ku Kui-Kei is a Hong Kong Cantopop and Mandopop singer, actor, TV host, model, cartoonist,... more »

Leon Kuhn

Leon Kuhn was an anti-war political cartoonist who created topical parodies in the United... more »

Leon Lazarus

Leon Lazarus was an American writer-editor for publisher Martin Goodman's Magazine Management... more »

Leonard Glasser

Leonard Glasser is a screenwriter, cartoonist and animator. Glasser designed Ernie Pintoff's The... more »

Leonard Starr

Leonard Starr is a Golden Age comic book artist, an advertising artist and award-winning... more »

Leonardo Ortolani

Leonardo Ortolani, better known as Leo, is an Italian comics author, creator of the popular... more »

Leone Frollo

Leone Frollo is an Italian comic book artist. Frollo debuted in 1948 with a western called Sui... more »

Les Tanner

Les Tanner was an Australian cartoonist and journalist. Les Tanner was born in Sydney and began... more »

LeSean Thomas

LeSean Thomas, a South Bronx native, is an American television animation producer, director,... more »

Leslie Grimes

Leslie Grimes was an artist and cartoonist more »

Lewis Trondheim

Lewis Trondheim, born 11 December 1964, is an extremely prolific French cartoonist and one of... more »

Lilli Carré

Lilli Carré is a contemporary artist, film maker and cartoonist from Los Angeles. She now lives... more »

Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce is an American cartoonist, best known as the creator of the Big Nate comic strip. more »

Linda Fite

Linda Fite is an American writer and editor who wrote the entire run of the Marvel Comics series... more »


Ricardo Siri Liniers, better known by the name Liniers, is an Argentine cartoonist. more »

Link Starbureiy

Link E. Starbureiy is the founder and Fiduciary of United Under Economy (UUe®). He is a leading... more »

Lise Myhre

Lise Myhre is a Norwegian cartoonist. Her most famous cartoon is Nemi. After a short study of... more »

Livingston Hopkins

Livingston York Yourtee "Hop" Hopkins was an American cartoonist who became a major Australian... more »

Liz Baillie

Liz Baillie is an American cartoonist and illustrator. She graduated from the School of Visual... more »

Liza Donnelly

Liza Donnelly is an American cartoonist and writer, best known for her work in The New Yorker... more »

Lloyd Dangle

Lloyd Dangle is an American writer and visual artist, particularly known as a cartoonist,... more »

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