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Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge is an American cartoonist whose best-known work includes the comics Hate and Neat... more »

Peter Blegvad

Peter Blegvad is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and cartoonist. He was a founding... more »

Peter Bromhead

Peter Bromhead MNZM is a New Zealand commercial interior designer, cartoonist and... more »

Peter Brookes

Peter D. Brookes is an English cartoonist who has produced work for numerous publications,... more »

Peter Browngardt

Peter "Pete" Browngardt is an American cartoonist, storyboard artist, writer, voice actor, and... more »

Peter Coogan

Dr. Peter M. Coogan is the director of the Institute for Comics Studies and co-founder and... more »

Peter David

Peter Allen David often abbreviated PAD, is an American writer of comic books, novels,... more »

Peter de Wit

Peter de Wit is a Dutch cartoonist. He is the winner of the 1999 Stripschapprijs. more »

Peter Hogan

Peter Kenneth Hogan is a British writer and comics creator who started out as editor of cult... more »

Peter Klusen

Peter Klusen is a German writer, translator and cartoonist. more »

Peter Kuper

Peter Kuper is an American alternative cartoonist and illustrator, best known for his... more »

Peter Laird

Peter Alan Laird is an American comic book writer and artist. He is best known for co-creating... more »

Peter Maddocks

Peter Maddocks, born in Birmingham on 1 April 1928, is a noted British cartoonist. Maddocks has... more »

Peter Madsen

Peter Madsen is a writer and illustrator. more »

Peter O'Donnell

Peter O'Donnell was a British writer of mysteries and of comic strips, best known as the creator... more »

Peter Pontiac

Peter Pontiac is a Dutch cartoonist. He is the winner of the 1997 Stripschapprijs. more »

Peter Sanderson

Peter Sanderson, Jr. is a comic book critic and historian, as well as an instructor/lecturer in... more »

Peter Sís

Peter Sís is a Czech-born American illustrator and writer of children's books. As a cartoonist... more »

Peter Steigerwald

Peter Steigerwald is an American comic book artist primarily known for his work as a colorist... more »

Peter van Straaten

Peter van Straaten is a Dutch cartoonist. He is the winner of the 1983 Stripschapprijs. more »

Peter Whalley

Peter Whalley was a Canadian cartoonist and sculptor. Whalley was born in Brockville, Ontario,... more »

Petri Hiltunen

Petri Hiltunen is a Finnish cartoonist and illustrator. Hiltunen has produced work in a variety... more »


Pierre Culliford, known as Peyo, was a Belgian comics artist, perhaps best known for the... more »

Phil Davis

Philip Davis, better known as Phil Davis, was an American artist who illustrated Mandrake the... more »

Phil Elliott

Phil Elliott is a British comic book creator who was published in Escape Magazine. He was part... more »

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