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Carey Cash

The Rev. Carey Cash is a US Navy chaplain currently assigned to Camp David, the U.S... more »

Carroll Pickett

Reverend Carroll L. "Bud" Pickett is a Presbyterian minister in Huntsville, Texas. In the 1960s... more »

Cecil Matthews

The Venerable Cecil Lloyd Matthews was an eminent Anglican priest and author in the mid 20th... more »

Cecil R. Richardson

Chaplain Cecil R. Richardson, USAF retired as the 16thth Chief of Chaplains of the United States... more »

Celso Benigno Luigi Costantini

Celso Benigno Luigi Costantini was an Italian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church who served... more »

Charles Cardwell McCabe

Charles Caldwell McCabe, also known as "Bishop" C. C. McCabe and Chaplain C. C. McCabe, was... more »

Charles Corfe

The Rt Rev Charles John Corfe was the inaugural Bishop in Korea from 1889. Corfe was one of the... more »

Charles Hudson

Charles Hudson was an Anglican chaplain and mountain climber from Skillington, Lincolnshire,... more »

Charles J. Watters

Charles Joseph Watters was a Chaplain in the United States Army. He was posthumously awarded the... more »

Charles Leach

Rev. Charles Leach was a Congregationalist Minister and Liberal Party politician in the United... more »

Charles Liteky

Charles James "Charlie" Liteky, formerly known as Angelo Liteky, is an American peace activist... more »

Charles Prescott

Charles John Prescott was an English born Australian army chaplain, Methodist minister and... more »

Charles Saunders

Charles John Godfrey Saunders was the Bishop of Lucknow from 1928 until 1938. He was born in... more »

Charles Symons

The Very. Rev Charles Douglas Symons, CB, MC, DD, MA was an eminent Anglican priest in the 20th... more »

Charlie Perry

Charles Julius "Charlie" Perry was an Australian rules footballer who played with Norwood in the... more »

Cherie Bentley

Cherie Bentley is a minister of religion and the mother of Wes Bentley. more »

Christian von Wernich

Christian Federico von Wernich is an Argentine Roman Catholic priest and a former chaplain of... more »

Christopher Chavasse

Christopher Maude Chavasse, OBE, MC, TD was a British athlete, soldier and religious leader. He... more »

Christopher Joseph Weldon

Christopher Joseph Weldon was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as... more »

Christopher Prior

Christopher Prior, CB was an eminent Anglican priest: Chaplain of the Fleet from 1966 to 1969... more »

Christopher Storrs

Christopher Evelyn Storrs was an Anglican bishop in the mid 20th century. Storrs was born into... more »

Clare Purcell

Clare Purcell was an American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and the Methodist... more »

Clark V. Poling

Clark Vandersall Poling was a minister in the Reformed Church in America and a lieutenant in the... more »

Clement Daniel Rockey

Clement Daniel Rockey was a Bishop of the Methodist Church, elected in 1941. He was born in... more »

Collins Denny

Collins Denny was an American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, elected in... more »

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