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Alan Carr

Alan Carr is an English comedian and television personality. He was born in Weymouth in Dorset... more »

Alan Colmes

Alan Samuel Colmes is an American radio and television host, liberal political commentator for... more »

Alan Committie

Alan Committie is a South African comic actor and qualified high school teacher. Committie has... more »

Alan Davies

Alan Roger Davies is an English comedian, writer and actor best known for his stand up routine,... more »

Alan Donnes

Alan Donnes is an actor, comedian, film producer and screenwriter. more »

Alan King

Alan King was an American actor and comedian known for his biting wit and often angry humorous... more »

Alan Marriott

Alan Marriott is a Canadian improv comedian, improv instructor, writer and voice actor. Alan... more »

Alan Park

Alan Park is a Canadian comedian and political satirist best known for his appearances on the... more »

Alan Thicke

Alan Jeffery Thicke is a Canadian actor, songwriter, and game and talk show host. He is best... more »

Alba Raquel Barros

Alba Raquel Barros is an actress, comedian, and dancer. She is better known for her acting... more »

Albert Brooks

Albert Lawrence Brooks is an American actor, voice actor, writer, comedian, and director. He... more »

Albert Chevalier

Albert Onesime Britannicus Gwathveoyd Louis Chevalier was an English comedian and actor. more »

Albert Duvaleix

Albert Duvaleix was an actor and comedian. more »

Albert Howell

Albert Howell is a Canadian improv comedian and poet. He has appeared in several films and... more »

Albert Modley

Albert Modley was a variety entertainer and comedian. more »

Alberto Olmedo

Alberto Olmedo was an Argentine comedian and actor. Olmedo was born in the city of Rosario. In... more »

Alden Diehl

Alden Diehl was a Juno Award nominated musical artist. more »


Aldo is a comedian, actor, film director and screenwriter. more »

Aldo Giuffrè

Aldo Giuffrè was an Italian film actor and comedian who appeared in over 90 films between 1948... more »

Alec Baldwin

Alexander Rae "Alec" Baldwin III is an American actor, film producer and comedian who has... more »

Alec Mapa

Alejandro "Alec" Mapa is an American actor, comedian and writer. more »

Aleksey Igudesman

Aleksey Igudesman is a Russian violinist, composer, conductor and actor. He performs in the duo... more »

Alessandro Haber

Alessandro Haber is an Italian actor, film director and singer. Haber was born in Bologna in a... more »

Alessandro Siani

Alessandro Siani is an actor, voice actor, comedian, screenwriter and film director. more »

Alex Agnew

Alex Agnew is a Belgian stand-up comedian and hard rock vocalist. According to the Nigel... more »

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