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Christian Tramitz

Christian Tramitz is a German-Austrian actor, comedian, voice actor and author. more »

Christina Sederqvist

Christina Sederqvist is a Danish comedian and screenwriter. more »

Christine Gambito

Christine Gambito, better known by her screen name HappySlip, is an American Internet... more »

Christine Meltzer

Marie Christine Meltzer Lind is a Swedish television hostess, actress and comedian. She has... more »

Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor-Stiller is an American actress and comedian. more »

Christoph Maria Herbst

Christoph Maria Herbst is a German actor and comedian. more »

Christopher Boykin

Christopher "Big Black" Boykin is an American entertainer and musician best known for his role... more »

Christopher Collins

Christopher Charles Collins, also known as Chris Latta, was an American actor, voice artist and... more »

Christopher Guest

Christopher Haden-Guest, 5th Baron Haden-Guest, better known as Christopher Guest, is an... more »

Christopher Massey

Christopher Michael Massey is an American actor, comedian and rapper best known for starring as... more »

Christopher Moynihan

Christopher "Chris" Moynihan is an American actor, writer and comedian. He is the creator and... more »

Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid, formerly known as Kid, is an American actor, comedian, and former rapper. more »

Christopher Titus

Christopher Todd Titus is an American comedian and actor. He grew up in Newark, California... more »

Chû Arai

Chû Arai was a comedian and actor. more »

Chu Ke-liang

Chu Ke-liang or Chu Ko-liang is a Taiwanese actor and comedian most famous as a television show... more »

Chuck Nice

Chuck Nice is a stand up comic and radio personality from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was... more »

Chuck Sklar

Chuck Sklar is a screenwriter and tv producer. more »

Ciccio Ingrassia

Francesco "Ciccio" Ingrassia was an Italian comedian. He was born in Palermo, Sicily and began... more »

Cicely Courtneidge

Dame Esmerelda Cicely Courtneidge DBE was an English actress and comedienne. The daughter of the... more »

Claes Eriksson

Claes Ingvar Eriksson is a Swedish director, screenwriter, revue artist, comedian, actor and... more »

Claire Gordon

Claire Gordon is an English film actress and comedienne known for leading and cameo roles in... more »

Clarence Stroud

Clarence Stroud was an actor. more »

Claude Meunier

Claude Meunier is a Canadian actor, dramaturge, comedian and film director. Meunier was born in... more »

Claudette Colbert

Claudette Colbert was a French-born American actress, and a leading lady for two... more »

Claudia Tagbo

Claudia Tagbo is an actress, comedian and TV personality Ivorian, best known in France. more »

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