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Lee Kyung-kyu

Lee Kyung-kyu is a South Korean actor and comedian. He patented his instant noodle recipe... more »

Lee Mack

Lee Gordon McKillop is an English stand-up comedian and actor best known for writing and... more »

Lee Seong-Mi

Lee Seong-Mi is a PaekSang Arts Award-winning comedian. more »

Lee Simpson

Lee Simpson is a British actor and comedian best known as a member of the improvisational group... more »

Lee Su-geun

Lee Soo-geun is a South Korean comedian who has worked on a number of comedy shows on South... more »

Lee Yong-Sik

Lee Yong-Sik is a comedian. more »

Legs" Larry Smith

"Legs" Larry Smith is the former drummer of the comedy satirical rock group the Bonzo Dog... more »


Anthony "Lehmo" Lehmann is an Australian comedian, radio personality, television personality and... more »


Safirullah Siddiqui, aka "Lehri" was a leading comedian and actor in Urdu film industry of Pakistan. more »

Leif Juster

Leif Juster was a Norwegian comedian, singer and actor, arguably the most popular of his... more »

Leigh Francis

Leigh Szaak Francis is an English stand-up comedian, actor, director, producer, writer, and... more »

Leigh Hart

Leigh Hart is a New Zealand performance artist who is also known as "That Guy". He has made... more »

Leighann Lord

Leighann Lord is an actress. comedian and writer. more »

Leila Hoffman

Leila Hoffman is an English comedian, actress and writer. more »

Lemon Demon

Neil Stephen Cicierega is an American comedian, actor, filmmaker, puppeteer, singer, musician,... more »

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is an American actress, screenwriter, producer, and director. She wrote and directed... more »

Lennie Bennett

Lennie Bennett was an English comedian and game show host. After attending the Palatine... more »

Lennie Weinrib

Lennie Weinrib, also known as Lenny Weinrib, Leonard Weinrib, and Len Weinrib, was an American... more »

Lennon Parham

Lennon Parham is an American actress and improvisational comedienne from the Upright Citizens... more »

Lenny Bruce

Leonard Alfred Schneider, better known by his stage name Lenny Bruce, was an American stand-up... more »

Lenny Clarke

Lenny Clarke is an American comedian and actor, famous for his thick Boston accent and role as... more »

Lenny Henry

Lenworth George "Lenny" Henry, CBE is a British actor, writer, comedian and occasional... more »

Leo Bassi

Leo Bassi is an actor, comedian and playwright. more »

Leo Grills

Leo Grills, known professionally as Lucky Grills was an Australian actor and comedian. more »

Leo Gullotta

Salvatore Leopoldo Gullotta, best known as Leo Gullotta, is an Italian film, television ad stage... more »

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