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Will Ryan

Will Ryan is an American voice actor, singer and comedian. more »

Will Sasso

William "Will" Sasso is a Canadian actor and comedian, most notable for his 5 seasons as a cast... more »

Willard Scott

Willard Herman Scott, Jr. is an American actor, author, media personality, clown, and comedian,... more »

Willem Hunsche

Willem Hunsche was an actor. more »

William Andrews

William Andrews is a British actor and comedian. Andrews attended Edinburgh College of Art where... more »

William Blanchard

William Blanchard, was an English comedian. more »

William Caulfield

William Caulfield is a Northern Irish writer, actor, comedian and TV star. He has achieved... more »

William E. Martin

William E. Martin, also known as Bill Martin, is an American musician, songwriter, screenwriter,... more »

William Emms

William Emms was a comedian and the father of Hetty King. more »

William Pleater Davidge

William Pleater Davidge was an English comedian, who came to the United States in 1850 and... more »

William Stanford Davis

William Stanford Davis is an actor. more »

William Warren

William Warren was an American actor, for many years connected with the old Boston Museum. He... more »

Williams and Ree

Bruce Williams and Terry Ree, often billed as "The Indian and the White Guy", are a pair of... more »

Willie Best

William "Willie" Best, sometimes known as Sleep n' Eat, was an American television and film... more »

Willie Edouin

Willie Edouin was an English comedian, actor, dancer, singer, writer, director and theatre... more »

Willie Macc

Willie Macc is an actor, film director, film producer, comedian and film editor. more »

Willie Revillame

Willie Revillame is a television host, actor, comedian and a recording artist in the Philippines. more »

Willie Rushton

William George Rushton, commonly known as Willie Rushton was an English cartoonist, satirist,... more »

Willie Tyler

Willie Tyler is an American ventriloquist, comedian and actor. Most of the time, he is credited... more »

Willy Astor

Wilhelm Gottfried „Willy“ Astor ist ein bayerischer Kabarettist, Musiker und Komponist. more »

Willy Parsons

Willy Parsons is also known as Wild Willy Parsons. A stand-up comedian and an actor. He has been... more »

Willy van Hemert

Willy van Hemert was a Dutch actor and theatre and television director, but is best known as a... more »

Wim Kan

Willem Cornelis "Wim" Kan was a Dutch cabaret artist. Together with Toon Hermans and Wim... more »

Winnie Lightner

Winnie Lightner was an American stage and motion picture actress. Perhaps best-known as the... more »

Winston Spear

Winston Spear is a Canadian stand-up comedian and actor from Toronto, Ontario. He is the winner... more »