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C. C. Beck

Charles Clarence Beck was an American cartoonist and comic book artist, best known for his work... more »

Carlos Meglia

Carlos Meglia was a comic book artist and penciller born in the city of Quilmes, Argentina. One... more »

Carlos Trillo

Carlos Trillo was an Argentine comic book writer, best known for writing the Cybersix comics. more »

Cecil Jensen

Cecil Jensen was an American editorial cartoonist. Born in Ogden, Utah, Jensen studied at the... more »

Cesare Solini

Cesare Solini is a writer. more »

Chandra Free

Chandra Free is an American writer and artist of the comic book The God Machine which is... more »

Charles Soule

Charles Soule is a comic book author, musician, and attorney, known for his series 27 published... more »

Charlie Brooker

Charlton "Charlie" Brooker is an English satirist and broadcaster. He has worked in television,... more »

Chester Brown

Chester William David Brown is a Canadian cartoonist and, since 2008, the Libertarian Party of... more »

Chiaki Kawamata

Chiaki Kawamata is a Japanese science fiction writer and critic. Chiaki Kawamata has won both... more »

Chie Shinohara

Chie Shinohara is an award winning Japanese manga artist best known for Red River, known in... more »

Chieko Hosokawa

Chieko Hosokawa is a Japanese manga artist. She made her professional debut in 1958 with Crimson... more »

Chris Claremont

Christopher S. "Chris" Claremont is a British-born American comic book writer and novelist,... more »

Christina Weir

Christina Weir is a writer of comic books and television. She writes with her husband, Nunzio... more »

Christopher Howard Wolf

Christopher Howard Wolf is an independent game developer and writer. He is the founder of... more »

Christopher Knowles

Christopher Knowles is an American comic book artist, writer and blogger who writes on comic... more »

Cliff Chiang

Cliff Chiang is an American comic book artist. Formerly an assistant editor at DC Comics, he is... more »

Cocoa Fujiwara

Cocoa Fujiwara is a Japanese manga author and illustrator, born on April 28, 1983 in the Fukuoka... more »

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