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Bernd Burhoff

Bernd Burhoff is a keyboard player and record producer. more »

Bernd Heinrich Graf

Bernd Heinrich Graf is a singer and member of the German band Unheilig. more »

Bernd Ruf

Bernd Ruf is a German conductor and clarinettist. He is above all active in the crossover field... more »

Bernhard Christensen

Bernhard Christensen was a Danish composer and organist. He studied music at University of... more »

Bernhard Eichhorn

Bernhard Eichhorn was a film score composer. more »

Bernhard Fleischmann

B. (Bernhard) Fleischmann is a composer and performer of electroacoustic music born and based in... more »

Bernhard Flies

Bernhard Flies was a German amateur composer and a doctor of medicine. Little is known about... more »

Bernhard Gal

Bernhard Gál is an Austrian artist, composer and musicologist. more »

Bernhard Günter

Bernhard Günter is a German post-Cageian composer associated with microsound and lowercase... more »

Bernhard Heiden

Bernhard Heiden was a German and American composer and music teacher, who studied under and was... more »

Bernhard Henrik Crusell

Bernhard Henrik Crusell was a Swedish-Finnish clarinetist, composer and translator, "the most... more »

Bernhard Joachim Hagen

Bernhard Joachim Hagen was a German composer, violinist and lutenist. He was the last important... more »

Bernhard Klein

Bernhard Klein was a German composer. Klein was born in Cologne. He married Lilly Parthey, who... more »

Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang is an Austrian composer of the experimental and avant-garde school, particularly... more »

Bernhard Lewkovitch

Bernhard Lewkovitch is a Danish composer, educated at the musical conservatories at Paris and... more »

Bernhard Romberg

Bernhard Heinrich Romberg, was a German cellist and composer. more »

Bernhard Scholz

Bernhard E. Scholz, was a German conductor, composer and teacher of music. more »

Bernhard Sekles

Bernhard Sekles was a German composer, conductor, pianist and pedagogue. more »

Bernhard Stavenhagen

Bernhard Stavenhagen was a German pianist, composer and conductor. His musical style was... more »

Bernhard Wagner

Bernhard Wagner is a guitar player, composer, software engineer and software engineering... more »

Bernice Johnson Reagon

Bernice Johnson Reagon is a singer, composer, scholar, and social activist, who founded the a... more »

Bernie Garcia

Bernie Garcia is a member of the musical group, ¡Mayday!. more »

Bernie Herms

Bernie Herms is the husband of Natalie Grant. more »

Bernie Krause

Bernard L. "Bernie" Krause, founder of Wild Sanctuary, an organization dedicated to the... more »

Bernie Senensky

Bernie Senensky is a pianist and composer. more »

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