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Daniel Speer

Georg Daniel Speer was a German composer and writer of the Baroque. Speer was born in Breslau... more »

Daniel Steibelt

Daniel Gottlieb Steibelt was a German pianist and composer who died in Saint Petersburg, Russia. more »

Daniel Sternbaum

Daniel Sternbaum is a film score composer. more »

Daniel Sternefeld

Daniel Sternefeld was a Belgian composer and conductor. more »

Daniel Steven Crafts

Daniel Steven Crafts is an American composer. more »

Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone is a musician. more »

Daniel Strong Godfrey

Daniel Strong Godfrey b. 1949 Atlanta, Georgia is an American composer who has written for... more »

Daniel Tinte

Daniel Tinte is a musician, pianist, and composer from Argentina. The musical movement The... more »

Daniel Vahnke

Daniel Vahnke is a Canadian composer and lyricist. He is best known as a co-founding member of... more »

Daniel Valdez

Daniel Valdez is an actor. more »

Daniel Wakefield Smith

Daniel Wakefield Smith is an American photojournalist, writer, researcher, composer, theatre... more »

Daniel Weidlein

Daniel Emerson Weidlein is an American jazz saxophonist, producer, and composer. more »

Daniel Welbat

Daniel Welbat alias WellBad, is a German blues-rock musician and soundtrack composer. more »

Daniel Wohl

Daniel Wohl is a composer. more »

Daniel Woodgate

Dan Woodgate is the drummer of the band, Madness. More commonly known by his nickname Woody, he... more »

Daniele Amfitheatrof

Daniele Amfitheatrof was a Russian-born Italian-naturalised composer and conductor. more »

Daniele Paris

Daniele Paris was a composer, musician and film score composer. more »

Daniele Sepe

Daniele Sepe is an Italian musician, known internationally for interpreting protest songs from... more »

Danielle Caruana

Danielle Caruana is a musician and the wife of John Butler. more »

Daniil Kashin

Daniil Nikititsch Kaschin was a Russian composer, pianist, conductor, and folk-song... more »

Danilo Caposeno

Danilo Caposeno is a composer, bassist, pianist and film score composer. more »

Danilo Caymmi

Danilo Candido Tostes Caymmi ia a Brazilian musician, singer, composer and arranger. Danilo is... more »

Danilo Pallares Echeverría

Danilo Pallares Echeverría is a Uruguayan writer and musician. more »

Danilo Pérez

Danilo Pérez is a Panamanian pianist and composer. more »

Dann Gallucci

Dann Gallucci es un guitarrista estadounidense nacido el 31 de marzo de 1975. Fue miembro... more »

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