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Fletcher Allen

Fletcher Allen was an American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist and composer. He was born in... more »

Fletcher Beasley

Fletcher Beasley is a Los Angeles based composer. He wrote the score and title song for the HBO... more »

Fletcher Henderson

James Fletcher Hamilton Henderson, Jr. was an American pianist, bandleader, arranger and... more »

Flex & Hated

Flex & Hated is an American pop music production team consisting of members Flex and Hated, both... more »

Flip Grater

Flip Grater is the stage name of singer-songwriter and author Clare Grater, born in... more »

Flor Peeters

Flor Peeters was an important Belgian composer, organist and teacher. more »

Florence Aylward

Florence Aylward was an English composer known for ballads. more »

Florence Price

Florence Beatrice Price was an American composer. more »

Florencio Pozadas

Florencio Ruck Pozadas Cordero was a percussionist and composer pioneer of the electroacoustic... more »

Florent Ghys

Florent Ghys is a composer, film score composer and musician. more »

Florent Marchet

Florent Marchet is a French singer-songwriter. His debut album, Gargilesse, was released in... more »

Florent Mothe

Florent Mothe is a French singer, actor and musician. He is most famous for playing the role of... more »

Florent Schmitt

Florent Schmitt was a French composer. more »

Florentín Giménez

Florentín Giménez is a prolific composer with more than 400 compositions; many of them were... more »

Florentine Camerata

The Florentine Camerata, also known as the Camerata de' Bardi, was a group of humanists,... more »

Florian Fackler

Florian Fackler is a record producer. more »

Florian Leopold Gassmann

Florian Leopold Gassmann was a German-speaking Bohemian opera composer of the transitional... more »

Florian Pittet

Florian Pittet is a composer. more »

Florian Sitzmann

Florian Sitzmann is a German musician, record producer and keyboard player. more »

Florian van Volxem

Florian van Volxem is a film score composer. more »

Florizel von Reuter

Florizel von Reuter was an American-born violinist and composer, a child prodigy who went on to... more »


Fluxion' is a pseudonym of Konstantinos Soublis, a Greek electronic musician. more »

Folke Rabe

Folke Rabe is a Swedish composer. Works include the electronic drone pieces What??, Basta for... more »

Folksong Thrace

Folksong Thrace is a composer. more »

Forrest Gray

Forrest Gray is a film music contributor. more »

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