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Georges Van Parys

Georges Van Parys was a French composer of film music and operettas. Among his musical... more »

Georgi Atanasov

Georgi Atanasov, was a Bulgarian composer. A native of Plovdiv, Atanasov began formal musical... more »

Georgi Conus

Georgi Eduardovich Conus, French: Georges Conus was a Russian composer of French descent. He was... more »

Georgi Movsesyan

Georgi Viktorovich Movsesyan was a Russian composer of Armenian descent. more »

Georgi Tutev

Georgi Tutev was a Bulgarian composer of contemporary classical music, one of the main... more »

Georgia Spiropoulos

Georgia Spiropoulos is a composer, who studied piano, harmony, counterpoint and fugue in Athens... more »

Georgie Auld

Georgie Auld was a jazz tenor saxophonist, clarinetist, and bandleader. more »

Georgie Stoll

George E. Stoll was a film score composer. more »

Georgina Moffat

Georgina Moffat é uma atriz e cantora britânica. Seu primeiro trabalho na televisão ocorreu em... more »

Georgs Pelēcis

Georgs Pelēcis is a Latvian composer and musicologist. He is currently a Professor at the... more »

Georgy Catoire

Georgy Lvovich Catoire was a Russian composer of French heritage. more »

Georgy Sviridov

Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov was a Soviet neoromantic composer. more »

Geraint Jarman

Geraint Jarman is a Welsh musician, poet, and television producer whose career dates back to the... more »

Gerald Bales

Gerald Albert Bales, CM was a Canadian organist and composer. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Bales... more »

Gerald Barry

Gerald Barry is an Irish composer. more »

Gerald Busby

Gerald Busby is a film score composer and actor. more »

Gerald Finzi

Gerald Raphael Finzi was a British composer. Finzi is best known as a song-writer, but also... more »

Gerald Fried

Gerald Fried is an American musician, composer and world class oboist, well known for his... more »

Gerald Garcia

Gerald Garcia is a classical guitarist and composer. After studying chemistry at Oxford... more »

Gerald Haddon

Gerald Haddon is a record producer, songwriter, composer, musical director, multi-instrumentalist... more »

Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson, 14th Baron Berners

Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson, 14th Baron Berners, also known as Gerald Tyrwhitt, was a British... more »

Gerald Jay Markoe

Gerald Jay Markoe is a theatrical composer. more »

Gerald Levert

Gerald Levert was an American R&B singer, songwriter and producer. He sang with his brother,... more »

Gerald Levinson

Gerald Levinson is an American composer of contemporary classical music. more »

Gerald Marks

Gerald Marks was an American composer best known for the song "All of Me" which he co-wrote with... more »

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