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Guy Reibel

Guy Reibel is an electronic or acousmatic composer. Made his musical studies at the... more »

Guy Sigsworth

Guy Sigsworth is a British composer, producer and songwriter. During his career he has worked... more »

Guy Whitmore

Guy Whitmore is a composer specializing in video game music, notable for creating the... more »

Guy Wood

Guy B Wood was a musician and composer of songs. He was born in Manchester, England and moved to... more »

Guy Woolfenden

Guy Anthony Woolfenden OBE is an English composer and conductor. more »

Guðlaugur Kristinn Óttarsson

Guðlaugur Kristinn Óttarsson is an Icelandic guitar player and engineer. He is a mathematician,... more »

Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson

Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson is an Icelandic composer, performer and a founding member of... more »

Gwen Gordy Fuqua

Gwendolyn Gordy Fuqua was an American businesswoman, songwriter and composer, most notably... more »

Gwendolyn Warnock

Gwendolyn Warnock is an actress and a businessperson. more »

Gwyneth Walker

Gwyneth Walker is an American composer. more »

György Kósa

György Kósa was a Hungarian composer. Kósa studied with Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, and Victor... more »

György Kovács

György Kovács is a composer and film score composer. more »

György Kurtág

György Kurtág is a Jewish-Hungarian composer of contemporary music. more »

György Ligeti

György Sándor Ligeti was a composer of contemporary classical music. He is widely considered as... more »

György Ránki

György Ránki was a Hungarian composer. more »

György Selmeczi

György Selmeczi is an ethnic Hungarian Romanian composer. more »

György Vukán

György Vukán was a pianist, composer and film score composer. more »

Gyula Babos

Gyula Babos is a film score composer and actor. more »

Gyula Dávid

Gyula Dávid was a Hungarian violist and composer. Dávid studied composition with Zoltán Kodály... more »

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