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Infinite Body

Infinite Body is a composer. more »

Infogrames Entertainment SA

Lennie Moore is an American composer, conductor, orchestrator of music for video games, film,... more »

Ingeborg Bronsart von Schellendorf

Ingeborg Bronsart von Schellendorf, was a Swedish-German composer. more »

Ingmar Herrera

Ingmar Herrera is a Production sound mixer / Remote audio recorder Living in Panama (Central... more »


Ingmarlo is a music composer and producer from Ibiza, best known in his collaboration for the... more »

Ingo Bischof

Ingo Bischof ist ein deutscher Musiker. Bekannt wurde er als Keyboarder von Kraan. more »

Ingo Nugel

Ingo Nugel was a video game composer who together with his brother Henning founded Nugel Bros... more »

Ingo Politz

Ingo Politz is a musician and composer. more »

Ingo Reidl

Ingo Reidl is a German musician, composer, pianist and keyboard player. more »

Ingolf Dahl

Ingolf Dahl was a German-born American composer, pianist, conductor, and educator. more »

Ingolf Gabold

Ingolf Gabold is a television producer and an actor. more »

Ingram Marshall

Ingram Douglass Marshall is an American composer and a former student of Vladimir Ussachevsky... more »

Ingvar Lidholm

Ingvar Natanael Lidholm is a Swedish composer. more »

Iñigo Muguruza

Iñigo Muguruza is a Spanish musician. more »

Innocentio Alberti

Innocentio Alberti was an Italian instrumentalist and composer. He came from a family of... more »

Inocente Carreño

Inocente José Carreño is a composer and academic. He won the Venezuelan National Prize for Music... more »

Inoke Finau

Inoke Finau is a songwriter. more »

Inon Zur

Inon Zur is an Israeli American music composer who has won several awards for his work... more »

Inoue Kiyonobu

Kiyonobu Inoue, known exclusively by his stage name Inoran, is a Japanese musician,... more »

Insook Choi

Insook Choi is a Korean-American composer. She is the developer of the Scoregraph program. more »

Instant Wilkie

Vincent Wilkie is a German electronic singer-songwriter, webdesigner, and blogger of British... more »

Ioannis Sioutis

Ioannis Sioutis is a composer. more »

Ion Ivanovici

Ion Ivanovici was a Romanian military band leader and composer of Transylvanian Serbian origin,... more »

Ion Nonna Otescu

Ion Nonna Otescu was a Romanian composer and head of the Bucharest Conservatory from 1918 until... more »

Ionel Fernic

Ionel Fernic was a Romanian composer, aviator, writer and one of the first Romanian parachutists. more »

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