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Kevin Farrell

Kevin Farrell is a composer and musical director. more »

Kevin Gilbert

Kevin Matthew Gilbert was an American songwriter, musician, composer, producer and collaborator... more »

Kevin Haskins

Kevin Haskins also known as Kevin Michael Dompe is a drummer, best known from the British rock... more »

Kevin Irving

Kevin Irving is a musician. more »

Kevin Kern

Kevin Kern is an American pianist, composer and recording artist of New Age music. He was born... more »

Kevin Kmetz

Kevin Kmetz est un des membres du groupe Estradasphere, c'est également un virtuose du shamisen,... more »

Kevin MacLeod

Kevin MacLeod is a film score composer. more »

Kevin Mannis

Kevin Mannis is a film actor, screenwriter, cinematographer, producer, editor and composer. more »

Kevin Manthei

Kevin Manthei is a composer for film, television, and video games. more »

Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin is an American hard rock singer who is best known as lead vocalist of the band... more »

Kevin Moore

Chroma Key is the name under which ex-Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore records. Although... more »

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is an American screenwriter, television producer, lyricist and composer. He wrote... more »

Kevin Peek

Kevin Peek is a guitarist. more »

Kevin Puts

Kevin Matthew Puts is an American composer who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for his first opera. more »

Kevin Quinn

Kevin Quinn is a film score composer. more »

Kevin Richardson

Kevin Scott Richardson is an American singer, model, actor, composer, best known as a member of... more »

Kevin Schilder

Kevin Schilder is a video game composer. He mostly composes synthesizer scores for Raven... more »

Kevin Shields

Kevin Patrick Shields is an Irish musician, singer-songwriter, composer and producer, best known... more »

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is an American composer, arranger, producer, vocalist and keyboardist who is... more »

Kevin Volans

Kevin Volans is a composer associated with the post-minimalist movement in contemporary... more »

Kevin Yost

Kevin Yost is a film score composer, DJ, musical artist, musician, record producer and composer. more »

Key Poulan

Key Poulan is an American composer and arranger of marching band and concert band works. He is a... more »

Khachatur Avetisyan

Khachatur Avetisyan was an influential Armenian composer. Avetisyan was born in Leninakan,... more »

Khaled El Sheikh

Khaled El Sheikh, or Khalid Al-Shaikh, born in Bahrain on 23 September 1958 is a Bahraini... more »

Khaled Shokry

Composer graduated from Cairo conservatory 1986-1987, Composing & conducting Department. He... more »

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