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Karel Blažej Kopřiva

Karel Blažej Kopřiva was a Czech organist and composer from a family of musicians. more »

Karel Boleslav Jirák

Karel Boleslav Jirák was a Czechoslovak composer and conductor. Jirák was born in Prague and... more »

Karel Goeyvaerts

Karel Goeyvaerts was a Belgian composer. more »

Karel Hašler

Karel Hašler was a Czech songwriter, actor, lyricist, film and theatre director, composer,... more »

Karel Holas

Karel Holas is a musician. more »

Karel Husa

Karel Husa is a Czech-born classical composer and conductor, winner of the 1969 Pulitzer Prize... more »

Karel Komzák II

Karel Komzák II was a Bohemian-born Viennese composer famous for his dances and marches. Komzák... more »

Karel Kovařovic

Karel Kovařovic was a Czech composer and conductor. more »

Karel Krautgartner

Karel Krautgartner was a Czech jazz and classical clarinetist, saxophonist, arranger, composer,... more »

Karel Miry

Karel Miry was a Belgian composer. He was one of the first Belgian composers to write operas to... more »

Karel Reiner

Karel Reiner was a Czech composer and pianist, persecuted by Nazis as a Jew and by communists as... more »

Karel Svoboda

Karel Svoboda was a Czech composer of popular music. He wrote music for many TV series in the 1970s. more »

Karel Velebný

Karel Velebný was a Czech jazz musician, composer, arranger, actor, writer and music pedagogue... more »

Karel Weis

Karel Weis was a Czech composer and folksong collector. He was born in Prague. more »

Karen Khachaturian

Karen Surenovich Khachaturian was a Soviet and Russian composer of Armenian ethnicity and the... more »

Karen Mok

Karen Joy Morris, better known as Karen Mok or Mok Man-wai among Chinese-speaking communities,... more »

Karen Mukupa

Karen Mukupa alias Miss Mukupa er sanger, musiker, komponist, forfatter og studievært. more »

Kari Kuuva

Kari Olavi Kuuva on suomalainen laulaja, säveltäjä ja sanoittaja. Kuuva levytti Raili Leppälän... more »

Kari Tuomisaari

Kari Kustaa Tuomisaari on suomalainen iskelmämusiikin sanoittaja, säveltäjä ja muusikko. Hänen... more »

Karim Haddad

Karim Haddad is a Lebanese Composer Born on January 22, 1962 in Dar-el Mraisseh, Beirut, Lebanon. more »

Karin Rehnqvist

Karin Rehnqvist is a Swedish composer and conductor of classical music. She composes chamber... more »

Karina Eid

Karina Eid is a music composer. more »

Karine Polwart

Karine Polwart is a Scottish singer-songwriter. She writes and performs music with a strong folk... more »

Kario Salem

Kario Salem is an American television, film, and stage actor and screenwriter. more »

Karl Aage Rasmussen

Karl Aage Rasmussen is a Danish composer and writer. Quotation and particularly collage played... more »

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