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Liu Wenjin

Liu Wenjin was a Chinese composer of classical Chinese music best known for his erhu piece... more »

Live Maria Roggen

Live Maria Roggen is a Norwegian jazz singer, songwriter and composer, educated at Foss High... more »

Livio Magnini

Livio Magnini è uno schermidore, chitarrista e compositore italiano. È stato atleta della... more »

Liviu Comes

Liviu Comes was a Romanian composer and musicologist. He studied music at the Municipal Music... more »

Liviu Marinescu

Liviu Marinescu is a Romanian composer of orchestral and chamber music, currently teaching at... more »

Liz Lachman

Liz Lachman is an American writer, director, and composer. She has worked on such award-winning... more »

Liz Myers

Elizabeth Myers is an American musician, composer, pianist and singer. She co-wrote the Eddie... more »

Liz Phair

Elizabeth Clark "Liz" Phair is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. Phair began her... more »

Liz Story

Liz Story is an American multiple Grammy Award nominee pianist and composer. She was born in San... more »

Liza Lehmann

Liza Lehmann was an English operatic soprano and composer, known for her vocal... more »

Liza Lim

Liza Lim is an Australian composer. Lim writes concert music as well as music theatre and has... more »

Lizz Wright

Lizz Wright is an American jazz/R&B singer and composer. Wright was born in the small town of... more »

Ljubica Marić

Ljubica Marić was a composer from Yugoslavia. She was a pupil of Josip Štolcer-Slavenski. She... more »

Ljubo Stipišić

Ljubo Stipišić is the father of Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni. more »

Lloyd Tolbert

Lloyd Tolbert is a record producer, composer, musician, arranger and actor. more »

Lloyd Ultan

Lloyd Ultan was an American composer of contemporary classical music. Ultan received a... more »

Lloyd Woodrowe James

Lloyd Woodrowe James is one of the writers of the song Jah No Partial by Major Lazer. more »

Lluís Llach

Lluís Llach i Grande is a Catalan composer and songwriter from Girona. Though partially... more »


João Luiz Woerdenbag Filho, popularly known as Lobão, is a Brazilian singer-songwriter,... more »

Lodovico Agostini

Lodovico Agostini was an Italian composer, singer, priest, and scholar of the late Renaissance... more »

Lodovico Filippo Laurenti

Lodovico Filippo Laurenti was a composer from Bologna, Italy whose family was active in... more »

Lodovico Giustini

Lodovico Giustini was an Italian composer and keyboard player of the late Baroque and early... more »

Lodovico Grossi da Viadana

Lodovico Grossi da Viadana was an Italian composer, teacher, and Franciscan friar of the Order... more »

Lodovico Rocca

Lodovico Rocca was an Italian composer. A pupil of Giacomo Orefice, his operas, written in late... more »

Lodovico Zacconi

Lodovico Zacconi was an Italian-Austrian composer and musical theorist of the late Renaissance... more »

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