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Louis Brooks

Louis Brooks, born Louie O'Neal Brooks was an American R&B saxophonist and bandleader, whose... more »

Louis Cahuzac

Louis Cahuzac was a French clarinetist and composer. Cahuzac was an outstanding performer and... more »

Louis Calabro

Louis Calabro, was an Italian American orchestral composer. Calabro studied piano and... more »

Louis Campbell-Tipton

Louis Campbell-Tipton was an American composer; a native of Chicago, Illinois, he was resident... more »

Louis Coerne

Louis Adolphe Coerne was an American composer and music educator. He was born in Newark, New... more »

Louis Corte

Louis Corte alias "Louis Element", est un disc jockey et producteur de musique français connu... more »

Louis Côté

Louis Côté is a composer. more »

Louis de Caix d'Hervelois

Louis de Caix d'Hervelois was a composer of chamber music. more »

Louis Désiré Besozzi

Louis-Désiré Besozzi was a French pianist and organist and composer. Bezozzi, the fourth... more »

Louis Diémer

Louis-Joseph Diémer was a French pianist and composer. He was the founder of the Société des... more »

Louis Ducreux

Louis Ducreux was a French actor, screenwriter and composer. He was born Louis Raymond Bordat in... more »

Louis Dufort

Louis Dufort is a Canadian composer of electroacoustic music. He was born and lives in Montréal,... more »

Louis Ehlert

Louis Ehlert was a German composer and music critic. Ehlert entered the Leipzig Conservatory in... more »

Louis Eric Barrier

Louis Eric Barrier is a DJ, musician and songwriter. more »

Louis F. Gottschalk

Louis Ferdinand Gottschalk was an American composer and conductor born in St. Louis, Missouri... more »

Louis Ferrari

Louis Ferrari was an Italian musette accordionist and composer who was active in France... more »

Louis Forbes

Louis Forbes was a composer, songwriter and conductor. more »

Louis Fourestier

Louis Fourestier was a French conductor, composer and pedagogue, and was one of the founders of... more »

Louis Ganne

Louis-Gaston Ganne was a conductor and composer of French operas, operettas, ballets, and marches. more »

Louis Glass

Louis Christian August Glass was a Danish composer. Glass, born in Copenhagen, was almost an... more »

Louis Grabu

Louis Grabu, Grabut, Grabue, or Grebus was a Catalan-born, French-trained composer and violinist... more »

Louis Gregh

Louis Gregh was a French composer and music publisher. Gregh was born in Philippeville, now... more »

Louis Gruenberg

Louis Gruenberg was a Russian-born American pianist and composer. more »

Louis Guglielmi

Louis Guglielmi was a Catalan musician of Italian extraction who wrote under the nom de plume... more »

Louis Hillier

Louis Hillier was a Belgian musician and composer of Wallonia, who in 1901 wrote the music of... more »

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