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Lucian Piane

Lucian Piane, also known by the Internet nickname RevoLucian, is an American composer and music... more »

Luciana Souza

Luciana Souza is a Brazilian jazz singer and composer who has crossed over into classical... more »


Luciano is a member of the Latin Grammy nominated music group CPM 22. more »

Luciano Berio

Luciano Berio, Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI was an Italian composer. He is noted for his... more »

Luciano Caruso

Luciano Caruso is an Italian Jazz composer and Soprano saxophone performer. In 1973, he moved to... more »

Luciano Chailly

Luciano Chailly was an Italian composer and arts administrator. He was the father of harpist... more »

Luciano Chessa

Luciano Chessa is a composer, performer, and musicologist. As a composer, conductor, pianist,... more »

Luciano Cilio

Luciano Cilio was an Italian composer and musician. Born in Naples, Cilio recorded and released... more »

Luciano Gallet

Luciano Gallet was a Brazilian composer, conductor and pianist. He began piano playing as a... more »

Luciano Michelini

Luciano Michelini is a film score composer. more »

Luciano Quiñones

Luciano Quiñones Lugo, is a pianist and the foremost composer of Modern Puerto Rican Danzas. more »

Lucie Campbell

Lucie Eddie Campbell was an African American composer of hymns. Lucie Eddie Campbell, the... more »

Lucien Boyer

Lucien Boyer est un poète, compositeur, chansonnier et goguettier français et montmartrois,... more »

Lucien Cailliet

Lucien Cailliet was a French-American composer, conductor, arranger and clarinetist. more »

Lucien Capet

Lucien Louis Capet was a French violinist, pedagogue and composer. more »

Lucien Durosoir

Lucien Durosoir was a French composer and violinist whose works were rediscovered thanks to... more »

Lucien Gainsbourg

Lucien Gainsbourg is an actor, musician and composer. more »

Lucien Goethals

Lucien Goethals was a Belgian composer. more »

Lūcija Garūta

Lūcija Garūta was a Latvian pianist, poet and composer who studied with Jāzeps Vītols and worked... more »

Lucile Grétry

Lucile-Angélique-Dorothée-Louise Grétry was a French composer. The second daughter of the famous... more »

Lucio Agostini

Lucio Agostini was an Italian-born composer, arranger, and conductor who established his career... more »

Lucio D. San Pedro

Lucio D. San Pedro was a Filipino composer and teacher. more »

Lucio Demare

Lucio Demare was a film score composer, composer and conductor. more »

Lucio Manca

Lucio Manca is an Italian bass player and currently plays for the Doom Metal band Exorcism and... more »

Lucio Quarantotto

Lucio Quarantotto was an Italian songwriter best known for writing the lyrics for "Con te... more »

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