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Hans Runge, né le 12 juin 1964 à Hameln est le nom original de Sahnie, ancien bassiste du groupe... more »

Said Dimayev

Said-Emin Umarovich Dimayev was a Soviet composer. His father Umar Dimayev was a legendary... more »


Saint-Preux is a French composer of contemporary classical music which also combines elements... more »

Sait Ergenç

Sait Ergenç was an actor, composer, and musician. more »

Sakae Tetsuo

Sakae Tetsuo is a composer. more »

Sakari Kukko

Sakari Kukko, is a Finnish musician. more »

Sakari Pesola

Sakari Pesola on Kolmas Nainen -yhtyeen kitaristi ja säveltäjä. Musiikkiuran ulkopuolella hän... more »

Sakis Rouvas

Anastasios "Sakis" Rouvas II, often referred to mononymously as Sakis, is a Greek singer, model... more »

Sal Iacono

Sal Iacono, better known as Cousin Sal, is an American comedian, writer and game show host. He... more »

Salaam Remi

Salaam Remi Gibbs, better known as Salaam Remi, is an American hip hop producer and keyboard... more »

Salama Hegazi

Salama Hijazi, born 1852, died October 4, 1917 was an Egyptian singer. He was a pioneer of... more »

Salgado Armando Freire "Armandinho"

Armando Augusto Freire, known as Armandinho or Armando Freire was a Portuguese fado guitarist... more »

Salix Säydäş

Säydäşev Salix Camaletdin ulı Салих Җамалетдин улы; Russian: Сайда́шев Сали́х Замалетди́нович,... more »

Sally Beamish

Sally Beamish is a British composer and violist. Her works include chamber, vocal, choral and... more »

Sally Johnston Reid

Sally Johnston Reid is an American music educator and composer. more »

Salman Gambarov

Salman Gambarov Huseyn oglu is an Azerbaijani jazz musician, pianist and composer. more »

Salomon Jadassohn

Salomon Jadassohn was a German pianist, composer and a renowned teacher of piano and composition... more »

Salomon Sulzer

Salomon Sulzer was an Austrian hazzan and composer. His family, which prior to 1813 bore the... more »

Salomone Rossi

Salamone Rossi or Salomone Rossi was an Italian Jewish violinist and composer. He was a... more »

Salvador Bacarisse

Salvador Bacarisse Chinoria was a Spanish composer. Bacarisse was born in Madrid and studied... more »

Salvador Cardenal

Salvador de Jesús Cardenal Barquero was a Nicaraguan singer-songwriter and was one of the most... more »

Salvatore Allegra

Salvatore Allegra was an Italian composer. Allegra was born in Palermo. He composed a number of... more »

Salvatore Bonafede

Salvatore Bonafede is a composer. more »

Salvatore Di Vittorio

Salvatore Di Vittorio is an Italian composer and conductor. He is Music Director and Conductor... more »

Salvatore Macchia

Salvatore Macchia is an American composer of contemporary classical music. In a career spanning... more »

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