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Calvin Gotlieb

Calvin Carl "Kelly" Gotlieb, CM FRSC is a Canadian professor and computer scientist who has been... more »

Calvin Mooers

Calvin Northrup Mooers, was an American computer scientist known for his work in information... more »

Carl Adam Petri

Carl Adam Petri was a German mathematician and computer scientist. He was born in Leipzig. Petri... more »

Carl Chang

Carl Kochao Chang is Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State... more »

Carl Herbert Smith

Carl Herbert Smith was a prominent American computer scientist. He was a pioneer in... more »

Carl Hewitt

Carl Eddie Hewitt is Board Chair of the International Society for Inconsistency Robustness. He... more »

Carl Machover

Carl Machover is a computer scientist. He is the father of composer Tod Machover. more »

Carl Sassenrath

Carl Sassenrath is an architect of operating systems and computer languages. He brought... more »

Carlisle Adams

Carlisle M. Adams is a cryptographer and computer security researcher. Formerly senior... more »

Carlo H. Séquin

Carlo Heinrich Séquin was originally a physicist and has been a professor of Computer Science at... more »

Carlo Kopp

Carlo Kopp is an Australian freelance defence analyst and academic who has published some 300... more »

Carver Mead

Carver Andress Mead is a US computer scientist. He currently holds the position of Gordon and... more »

Caryn Navy

Caryn Linda Navy is an American mathematician and computer scientist. Blind since childhood, she... more »

Cecilia R. Aragon

Cecilia R. Aragon is an American computer scientist, professor, and champion aerobatic pilot. In... more »

Chandrajit Bajaj

Chandrajit Bajaj is an American computer scientist. He is a Professor of Computer science at the... more »

Charles Bachman

Charles William "Charlie" Bachman III is an American computer scientist, who spent his entire... more »

Charles Forgy

Dr Charles L. Forgy is a computer scientist, known for developing the Rete algorithm used in his... more »

Charles H. Lindsey

Charles Hodgson Lindsey is a British computer scientist, most known for his involvement with the... more »

Charles H. Moore

Charles H. Moore is the inventor of the Forth programming language. more »

Charles Molnar

Charles Edwin Molnar was a co-developer of one of the first minicomputers, the LINC, while a... more »

Charles P. Thacker

Charles P. Thacker is an American pioneer computer designer. He worked on the Xerox Alto which... more »

Charles Rosen

Charles Rosen was a pioneer in artificial intelligence and founder of SRI International's... more »

Charles Simonyi

Charles Simonyi, son of Károly Simonyi, is a Hungarian-American computer software executive who,... more »

Charlotte Froese Fischer

Charlotte Froese Fischer is a Canadian-American applied mathematician and computer scientist who... more »

Chen Jin

Chen Jin is a Chinese computer scientist. Chen was born in coastal Fujian Province in 1968,... more »

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