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Clifford Stein

Clifford Stein, a computer scientist, is a professor of industrial engineering and operations... more »

Clyde Kruskal

Clyde P. Kruskal is an American computer scientist, working on parallel computing architectures,... more »

Colette Rolland

Colette Rolland is a French computer scientist and Professor of Computer Science in the... more »

Colin Evans

Colin combines machine learning and semantic analysis to fight information entropy and noisy... more »

Craig Larman

Craig Larman is a Canadian computer scientist specializing in Iterative and incremental... more »

Craig Nevill-Manning

Craig Nevill-Manning is a New Zealand computer scientist who founded Google's first remote... more »

Cris Kobryn

Cris Kobryn is an American technologist, system architect and entrepreneur who specializes in... more »

Curtis Priem

Curtis R. Priem is an American computer scientist. He received a B.S. degree in electrical... more »

Cuthbert Hurd

Cuthbert Corwin Hurd was an American computer scientist and entrepreneur, who was instrumental... more »

Cynbe ru Taren

Jeffrey Prothero is an American computer programmer. He is the author of Citadel, arguably the... more »

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