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F. Thomson Leighton

Frank Thomson "Tom" Leighton is a professor of Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts... more »

Faron Moller

Faron George Moller is a Canadian-born British computer scientist and expert on theoretical... more »

Feng-hsiung Hsu

Feng-hsiung Hsu is a computer scientist and the author of the book Behind Deep Blue: Building... more »

Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson is a computer scientist who was one of the original developers of the Mercury... more »

Fernando J. Corbató

Fernando José "Corby" Corbató is a prominent American computer scientist, notable as a pioneer... more »

Fokko du Cloux

Fokko du Cloux was a Dutch mathematician and computer scientist. He worked on the Atlas of Lie... more »

Forman S. Acton

Forman S. Acton is an American computer scientist and author. He is an emeritus professor in the... more »

Frances Allen

Frances Elizabeth "Fran" Allen is an American computer scientist and pioneer in the field of... more »

Franco Salvetti

Dr. Franco Salvetti is the Principal Software Engineer managing the Reference Answer team at... more »

François Vernadat

François B. Vernadat is a French and Canadian computer scientist, who has contributed to... more »

Frank Pfenning

Frank Pfenning is a professor of computer science, adjunct professor in the department of... more »

Frank Soltis

Frank Gerald Soltis, an American computer scientist, was IBM's Chief Scientist for the System i... more »

Franz Baader

Franz Baader is a German computer scientist at Dresden University of Technology . He received... more »

Fred B. Schneider

Fred Barry Schneider is an American computer scientist, based at Cornell University, New York,... more »

Fred Brooks

Frederick Phillips Brooks, Jr. is a computer architect, software engineer, and computer... more »

Fred Cohen

Frederick B. Cohen is an American computer scientist and best known as the inventor of computer... more »

Fred Glover

Fred W. Glover is a professor of computer science and applied mathematics at the University of... more »

Frederica Darema

Frederica Darema is a Greek physicist. She proposed the SPMD programming model in 1984 and... more »

Frederick Parker-Rhodes

Frederick Parker-Rhodes was an English linguist, plant pathologist, computer scientist,... more »

Frieder Nake

Frieder Nake is a mathematician, computer scientist, and pioneer of computer art. He is best... more »

Friedrich L. Bauer

Friedrich Ludwig Bauer is a German computer scientist and professor emeritus at Technical... more »

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