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H. T. Kung

H. T. Kung is a computer scientist. His current research is primarily in the area of... more »

H. V. Jagadish

Hosagrahar Visvesvaraya Jagadish is a computer scientist in the field of database systems... more »

Hal Abelson

Harold Abelson is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, a fellow of... more »

Hank Levy

Henry M. Levy is an American computer scientist. He holds the Wissner-Slivka Chair in Computer... more »

Hans-Paul Schwefel

Hans-Paul Schwefel is a German computer scientist and professor emeritus at University of... more »

Hans-Peter Kriegel

Hans-Peter Kriegel is a German computer scientist and professor at the Ludwig Maximilian... more »

Harald Tveit Alvestrand

Harald Tveit Alvestrand is a Norwegian computer scientist. He was the chairman of the Internet... more »

Harold H. Seward

Harold H. Seward was a computer scientist, engineer, and inventor. Seward developed the radix... more »

Harold Thimbleby

Harold W. Thimbleby is a British professor of computer science at Swansea University, Wales. He... more »

Harry Mairson

Harry George Mairson is a theoretical computer scientist and Professor of Computer Science in... more »

Harry Shum

Heung-Yeung "Harry" Shum is Executive Vice President, Technology & Research at Microsoft. He is... more »

Hava Siegelmann

Hava Siegelmann is a professor of computer science working in the areas of neuroscience, system... more »

He Jifeng

He Jifeng is a Chinese computer scientist. He Jifeng graduated from the mathematics department... more »

Hector Garcia-Molina

Héctor García-Molina is an Mexican/American computer scientist and Professor in the Departments... more »

Henri Gouraud

Henri Gouraud is a French computer scientist. He is the inventor of Gouraud shading used in... more »

Henriette Avram

Henriette Davidson Avram was a computer programmer and systems analyst who developed the MARC... more »

Henry Baker

Henry Givens Baker Jr. is a computer scientist who has made contributions in garbage collection,... more »

Henry Fuchs

Henry Fuchs is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Association for... more »

Herbert Edelsbrunner

Herbert Edelsbrunner is a computer scientist working in the field of computational geometry, the... more »

Herbert Schildt

Herbert Schildt is an American computing author, programmer and musician. He has written books... more »

Herbert W. Franke

Herbert W. Franke is an Austrian scientist and writer. He is considered one of the most... more »

Herman Heine Goldstine

Herman H. Goldstine was a mathematician and computer scientist. more »

Hiroshi Ishii

Hiroshi Ishii is a Japanese computer scientist. He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute... more »

Holger H. Hoos

Holger H. Hoos is a German-Canadian computer scientist and a professor in the Computer Science... more »

Horst Zuse

Horst Zuse is a professor of Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin and the son... more »

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