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Iain S. Duff

Iain S. Duff is a British mathematician and computer scientist, known for his work in numerical... more »

Ian Cullimore

Ian Cullimore is an English-born mathematician and computer scientist who has been influential... more »

Ian Goldberg

Ian Avrum Goldberg is a cryptographer and cypherpunk. He is best known for breaking Netscape's... more »

Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis is the Director of the University of Cambridge Computing Service 2005-. Educated at... more »

Ian Sommerville

Ian F. Sommerville, is a British academic. He is Professor of Software engineering at the... more »

Ilkka Tuomi

Ilkka Tuomi, a native of Finland, is noted for writings on the subject of the Internet. more »

In Sik Rhee

In Sik Rhee has co-founded 2 successful startup companies and has developed technologies across... more »

Inman Harvey

Inman Harvey was a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the... more »

Ioannis Kakadiaris

Ioannis A. Kakadiaris is a Greek-born American computer scientist who has developed an identity... more »

Ion Stoica

Ion Stoica is a Romanian-American computer scientist specializing in distributed systems, cloud... more »

Ipke Wachsmuth

Ipke Wachsmuth was born 1950. He is a German computer scientist within the fields of artificial... more »

Irma Wyman

Irma M. Wyman was an early computer engineer and the first woman to become vice president of... more »

Isaac Nassi

Isaac Robert "Ike" Nassi, born 1949 in Brooklyn, New York, is currently CEO at TidalScale, Inc... more »

Ivan Herman

See my home page for more details, do not want to repeat it here... You can also consult my blog. more »

Ivan Stojmenovic

Ivan Stojmenović is a Serbian-Canadian mathematician and computer scientist well known for his... more »

Ivan Sutherland

Ivan Edward Sutherland is an American computer scientist and Internet pioneer. He received the... more »

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