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Oded Goldreich

Oded Goldreich is a professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer... more »

Ole-Johan Dahl

Ole-Johan Dahl was a Norwegian computer scientist and is considered to be one of the fathers of... more »

Oliver Selfridge

Oliver Gordon Selfridge was a pioneer of artificial intelligence. He has been called the "Father... more »

Olivier Danvy

Olivier Danvy is a French computer scientist specializing in programming languages, partial... more »

Oren Patashnik

Oren Patashnik is a computer scientist. He is notable for co-creating BibTeX, and co-writing... more »

Osmar R. Zaiane

Osmar R. Zaiane is a renowned researcher, computer scientist, Professor at the University of... more »

Owen Holland

Owen Holland is a professor of cognitive robotics in the Sackler Centre for Consciousness... more »

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