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Wally Feurzeig

Wally Feurzeig was an inventor of the LOGO programming language, and a well-known researcher in... more »

Walter F. Tichy

Walter F. Tichy is professor of computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in... more »

Wang Xiaoyun

Wang Xiaoyun is a researcher and professor in the Department of Mathematics and System Science,... more »

Wang Xuan

Wang Xuan, born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, innovator of the Chinese printing industry, was an... more »

Warren Lyford DeLano

Warren Lyford DeLano was an advocate for the increased adoption of open source practices in the... more »

Wau Holland

Herwart Holland-Moritz, known as Wau Holland, cofounded the Chaos Computer Club in 1981, one of... more »

Wayne Rosing

Wayne Rosing is an American engineering manager. Rosing was an engineering manager at Digital... more »

Wayne Stevens

Wayne P. Stevens was an American software engineer, consultant, author, pioneer, and advocate of... more »

Wendy Hall

Dame Wendy Hall DBE, FREng, FRS is the Professor of Computer Science at the University of... more »

Wengyik Yeong

Wengyik 'Weng' Yeong was an American computer scientist. He is principally known for his work on... more »

Werner Vogels

Werner Hans Peter Vogels is the chief technology officer and Vice President of Amazon.com in... more »

Wesley A. Clark

Wesley Allison Clark is a computer scientist and one of the main participants, along with... more »

Wietse Venema

Wietse Zweitze Venema is a Dutch programmer and physicist best known for writing the Postfix... more »

Wilfried Brauer

Wilfried Brauer was a German computer scientist and professor emeritus at Technical University... more »

William A. Martin

Co-founder of the Macsyma project in 1968. more »

William A. Pailes

William Arthur Pailes was a USAF astronaut in the Manned Spaceflight Engineer Program during the... more »

William A. Stein

William Arthur Stein is a professor of mathematics at the University of Washington. He is known... more »

William Cook

William R. Cook is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Sciences at University... more »

William Jolitz

William Frederick Jolitz, commonly known as Bill Jolitz, is an American software programmer best... more »

William Kahan

William Morton Kahan is a mathematician and computer scientist who received the Turing Award in... more »

William Martens

William Martens is a computer engineer and magazine editor. He is primarily a programmer who... more »

William N. Carrico, Jr.

William "Bill" N. Carrico, Jr. is a computer scientist and has founded several technology... more »

William Opdyke

William F. Opdyke is a computer scientist. His Ph.D. thesis, Refactoring Object-Oriented... more »

William Pugh

Dr. Pugh is a professor at the University of Maryland, College Park and a Packard Fellow. He... more »

William Stallings

Dr. William Stallings is an American author. He has written textbooks on computer science topics... more »

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