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Barry Traill

Barry Traill is an Australian zoologist and conservationist. He grew up in Victoria and was... more »

Ben Paris

Benjamin M. Paris was an American sportsman, entrepreneur, conservationist, and owner of a... more »

Bent Skovmand

Sir Bent Skovmand was a Danish plant scientist and conservationist. Time Magazine wrote in 1991... more »

Billy Arjan Singh

Kunwar "Billy" Arjan Singh was an Indian hunter turned conservationist and author. He was the... more »

Bob Beck

Robert E. Beck Jr. was a zoologist and conservationist, who worked to save Guam's indigenous... more »

Bob Irwin

Robert "Bob" Irwin is an Australian naturalist, animal conservationist, and a pioneering... more »

Boonsong Lekagul

Dr Boonsong Lekagul was a Thai medical doctor, biologist, ornithologist, herpetologist, and... more »

Brent Loken

Brent Loken is an ecologist, social scientist, conservationist, and social entrepreneur. He is... more »