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Jack Hemingway

John Hadley Nicanor "Jack" Hemingway was a Canadian-American fly fisherman, conservationist and... more »

Jack Miner

John Thomas Miner, OBE, or "Wild Goose Jack," was a Canadian conservationist called by some the... more »

Jack Thwaites

John Barrass Thwaites was a British Australian pioneer Tasmanian bushwalker and conservationist... more »

Jacob Fiennes

Jacob Fiennes is a gamekeeper and conservationist. more »

James Theodore Richmond

James Theodore Richmond also known as "Twilight Ted". was a U.S. writer, conservationist,... more »

Jeff Corwin

Jeffrey Corwin is an American animal and nature conservationist, known as host and executive... more »

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan is an American businessman. He is best known for founding Global Heritage Fund, a... more »

Jemima Parry-Jones

Jemima Parry-Jones MBE is a British authority on birds of prey, a conservationist, author,... more »

Jim Corbett

Edward James "Jim" Corbett was a legendary British hunter and tracker-turned-conservationist,... more »

John Edmondson, 2nd Baron Sandford

Commander John Cyril Edmondson, 2nd Baron Sandford, DSC was a decorated Royal Navy officer,... more »

John Michael Greer

John Michael Greer è un saggista ed esoterista statunitense. Dal 2003 è Grande Arcidruido dell'AODA. more »

John Moore

John Moore was a best-selling British author and pioneer conservationist. He was born in... more »

John Olmsted

John D. Olmsted was a California naturalist and conservationist most famous for creating the... more »

Josef Dostál

Josef Dostál was a Czech botanist, pteridologist, conservationist, climber, hiker and university... more »

Judith D. Zuk

Judith Daria Zuk was an American horticulturist, author and conservationist who served as... more »