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Madison Grant

Madison Grant was an American lawyer known primarily for his work as a eugenicist and... more »

Maksymilian Nowicki

Maksymilian Siła-Nowicki was a Polish zoology professor and pioneer conservationist in Austrian... more »

Marie Byles

Marie Beuzeville Byles is known as a committed conservationist, the first practicing female... more »

Mark Shand

Mark Roland Shand was a British travel writer and conservationist, and the brother of Camilla,... more »

Marlice van Vuuren

Marlice Elretha Jansen van Vuuren born 14 May 1976 as Marlice Elrethra van der Merwe, is a... more »

Meena V

Meena Venkataraghavan is an Indian wildlife conservationist. She is working in the Gir forest to... more »

Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Mehgan Heaney-Grier is a US champion freediver, fashion model, actress, conservationist, and TV... more »

Mollie Beattie

Mollie H. Beattie was an American conservationist, and director of the United States Fish and... more »