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Admiral T

Admiral T, whose real name is Christy Campbell, is a French singer of reggae-dancehall music... more »

Admiral Tibet

Admiral Tibet, also known as "Mr. Reality" is a Jamaican dancehall singer known for his... more »


Aidonia is a Jamaican musician and head of the musical partnership "J.O.P." Which has a contract... more »

Alaine Laughton

Alaine Laughton, known by her first name, is a Jamaican American reggae singer and songwriter... more »


Alberto D'Ascola, better known by his stage name Alborosie, and sometimes styled as AlBorosie,... more »


Michael Sterling, better known as Alozade, is a dancehall and reggae deejay notorious for his... more »

Anthony Red Rose

Anthony Cameron, better known as Anthony Red Rose, is a Jamaican singjay. more »